Axalko Wood Bikes

wood good

Less gimmicky than comfort carbon

We haven’t been that interested in wood bikes, until now, with the Bat from Axalko. Check their #makebikes process in the video and the finger joints.

A blogger rode the Bat and noted how well it did on the cobbles around a train station. If there’s a marketing play against comfort carbon, then this wood is the one to do it.

The frames look like modern race bikes.

But the Basque know their market is more than the sportive rider and also offer a folding, e-bike.

folding wood

Motorized folding wood

Pop Quiz: How are David Guetta’s video and a Huffy alike?

“You shoot me down, but I won’t fall; I am titanium”.

David Guetta’s Euro-dance track “Titanium” features vocals by Sia. The somewhat androgynous, adolescent main character somehow has several telekinetic episodes prompting a chase by police and later by a squad of generic soldiers in black. In between, the main character rides a P.O.S. ten-speed bike with decent proficiency on wet roads. Which is to say that a pro like Boonen wouldn’t have blinked at the slicked asphalt, but Christian Vande Velde would have been upside down in a ditch with a busted collarbone.

Meanwhile, on Craigslist there is a used “Huffy Titanium” bicycle for $75 in Scottsdale.

In neither case is there any titanium involved.

Google’s New Campus Bike

Last year during a visit to Silicon Valley, took photos of the Google Bikes.

Google Bikes +1: Ride Me

Today CNET reported that Google replaced the 20-inch wheel bikes with new ones after a company-wide, design competition with the criteria of

Googley, using novel components, structure, and appearance.


While popular, the small bikes were uncomfortable for taller cyclists. To us and likely you, the new bike looks like an average city bike. Still, campus-wide bikes are something we can’t criticize.


Confirmed with Republic bikes today that they built these bikes for Google.

Starfuckers Steel Era


Nice wood floor too

If we made a steel fixed gear project bike, it’d likely resemble this from Starfuckers. Note the horizontal dropout with hanger, like the one we use in Ti for the D-Plus. They call their concept the Chimera and ours is the Modal.

steel era rear

Nice touch with their named stamped into the dropout

The clunky tugger seems out of place on an otherwise elegant frame and we’d paint it instead of show the weld discolorations, but Starfuckers want you to know it’s steel and therefore real. That’s how they popped on my radar a few years ago, when spotted in a SoCal strip mall. I was like well that ain’t no cheap-ass, mail-order fixie is it?

zero offset fork 2.jpg

Nope. They’ve also got a bulldog in a bakfietsens.

Another Roadside Find: Random Flash Drive

Roadside Find: Random Flash Drive

Found this in Bell Town, where some Seattle tech startups work. Thought maybe it’d have the source code to a new Instagram or something. If it did, I didn’t find it.

Got power, but it didn’t boot.

See more roadside finds on Flickr.

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