Racing a Tricycle like a Sex Machine!


image from UK Tricycle Association

Ladies, you should assume this older gentleman on the lead racing tricycle would be able to satisfy your every desire, no matter how depraved. Consider what sort of a man over the age of fifty is brazen enough to ride a hot pink tricycle and wear neon yellow booties, and literally let it all hang out in the corners. He is a man without shame, without fear of injury or social taboo. A man who’s capable of anything…anywhere. In short, a sex machine!

Delhi Bike Lanes

Think your bike lanes are bad with motorists and film crews blocking them? A cyclist in Delhi sent us this photo today.

dehli bike lanes

They’re making progress at least. When I rode there, there wasn’t a lane in sight.

Google Bikes Arrive

Google Hotness

New Google bikes

A Googley fleet of bikes arrived at Google HQ today and +Natalie Villalobos posted about them.

As a group of friends and I walked up to our building today we noticed a new googley fleet of bikes waiting for us!

First thing the Googlers do with the bikes? Race them around campus.

google racer

We posted on the new Googles bikes earlier when they were announced. They’re made by Republic Bikes.

More photos on Flickr and G+.

Reveal the Path

reveal the path

Been a good Spring for bike movies, including the Reveal the Path trailer. Ride along and get lost in the wonders of the world as these cyclists cross four continents.



An ad from Richmond Bicycles, found by Spoke Sniffer.

Uploaded by spoke sniffer | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

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