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High-rez photos and video from Specialized’s Turbo launch are lightboxed on G+ and Flickr with video on YouTube. As posted earlier today, we weren’t at the launch, but got a call from Valencia with a quick debriefing. If you’ve followed us for long, you know this is the type of e-bike we’ve been insisting on for years.

Cyclelicious, Bicycle Design are discussing the Turbo and see Geir Anders Ørslien’s post first ride report.

Let’s get the price out of the way, it’s $5499.00 Euro and there are no immediate plans to import the Turbo to the States. Specialized’s mini site is up where you can peruse all the spec’s. Like

  • Incredibly burly yet sleek and racy alloy frame with performance geo designed for high-speed riding with tapered head tube, fully-integrated down tube battery, internal routing, thru-axle dropouts and full fender/rack mounts.

  • Oversized alloy fork with tapered 1-1/8” to 1-1/2” steerer and Q15 thru-axle dropout is strong and responsive—even at 45kph.

  • Magura MT Carbon hydraulic brakes with carbon levers/clamps and 180mm rotors provide huge braking power and great modulation; provide regenerative charge to battery when engaged.

  • Direct Drive rear hub motor provides uber efficient power directly where it counts—at the rear wheel—for maximum push and efficiency at both full Turbo speed and on slow hill climbs.

  • Wireless interface unit with illuminated display to show assist level, battery status, light on/off switch as well as normal bike computer features like speed, time and distance. Illuminated grip remote switch to adjust power level.

  • Finest quality Li-Ion battery, optimized for our specific motor, pulls maximum power from each cell for outstanding performance and highest efficiency; 342Wh capacity, specific internal cooling system, superfast charging times.

Importantly, this bike doesn’t license the Bionix system and was designed entirely by Specialized. From the photos, it looks like it’s a Sirrus with the battery in the down tube and also a motorized drivetrain. That’s instead of a hub that either pushes or pulls you around.

Here’s a video with Marc Faude from Specialized.

and as soon as the team that worked on this is rested from the launch, I expect to have more data and I hope a test ride.

Where Tommeke Gets his Strength!

I should know better than to disparage Boom Boom Boonen. Within 30 minutes of my tweet implicating Boonen in a new bike doping scandal, related to Specialized’s Turbo, an industry insider pulled this photo off his smartphone and sent it to me in email. In an ominous, all-caps, one-line, bold note it said,

Where Tommeke gets his strength

Fresty Fresh pate.

Message received.

La Conception du Turbo from Specialized France


Photo: Bysykling

While we’re working on the Specialized Turbo story, see Geir Anders Ørslien’s post and photos. Also this video.

And queue up Judas Priests’ I’m Your Turbo Lover.

Pull to Refresh

Upon learning that Twitter was attempting to patent “pull to refresh” in iOS apps, I thought, “what do I pull to refresh?” Well, these brakes on the D-Plus for a start and then a tap at a brewpub; before that a shot from the espresso machine.


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