On Pinterest with Unicorns!

Until now I had no reason to visit Pinterest

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That’s all about to change ‘cause how can you resist a Haters Gonna Hate kid on a Unicorn bike? Remember the Freakin’ Magical Unicorn gum?

Freakin' Magical Unicorn Gum

Or how this racer tapped into the the power of the unicorn to propel herself effortlessly through the hardest cross race of the year.


Bike Shares Used to be Free

Paris with an E-P3: Velibs at Eifell Tower

Velib in Paris

Been thinking about an editorial about bike shares for a while. Having seen Boris Bikes, ridden Velibs all over Paris last year and just participated in one at SXSW with Tern Bicycles. Of course, they’re popping up everywhere, including Portland, and not without the expected big-money-politics controversies.

A rival bidder is trying to put the brakes on Chicago’s plan to launch the nation’s largest bike sharing program — by claiming the path was greased for an Oregon company where Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s transportation commissioner once worked.

Inevitable that bikes and politics in Chicago would result in, well, politics. Then last night a post on Oregon Live by samoht1 popped up in my news reader.*

The City Of Portland is currently soliciting bids to start a Bike Share program with about $2 million dollars available in Federal monies and help from the city..I find fault with this and will submit to My Oregon why in the very near future..Watch for it..

Watching for it I am!

Bicycles into Lamps

Unless you’re single and live alone, strongly suggest you advise your partner/spouse/family what your plans are and you’re secure in your relationship together. Bikes and bike parts moving into the living room is a big step. See a slide show on how to turn a bike into a hanging lamp from the NYT and the related article.


Photo: Trevor Tondro for The New York Times

Seattle Triple Shot

Staying within Seattle city limits and with limited time, this route is 2K feet of climbing in about 2 hours. Bang it out quicker with more pressure on the pedals between the hills.

View this annotated photo map at full size.

The route is from Alki Beach to Magnolia to Queen Anne and back. The pitches are moderate to very steep, with minimal cars, and a nice flow. To mix it up, take the longer loop into Discovery Park or climb the southern side of Magnolia for more tempo. At Sunset, on a clear day you may get a photo like this or like this midday


  • Ride Time 2:12:58
  • Elapsed Time 2:24:31
  • Distance 29.16 mi
  • Average Speed 13.2 mph
  • Maximum Speed 31.6 mph
  • Total Ascent 2106 ft
  • Total Descent 2182 ft

The Making of

Made this map with Google Map maker and a Geocoded RSS file. Also note: those are all, on-the-ride iPhone photos. I captured the GPS with the Biologic Bike Brain app and an iPhone inside a iPhone Mount. Photos edited and mapped in Aperture 3.

Gent a Barcelona I

Spending more time on G+ and Picasa lately and discovering more photographers into the bike. Jordi Navarro is based in Barcelona and this photo is from his Gents a Barcelona I photo album.

gent a barcelona

Photo: Jordi Navarro

Also see man with cellphone and our posts about Spain.

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