Copper Lee Cooper with Rigida DP18

From Tokyo Fixed Gear and very nice.

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Time Traveling Urban Cyclist

How do we know this is a photo of a time traveler on a Strida prototype in 1920? The anachronistic mini-pump! Those weren’t invented until compact frames hit the market….checking with colleagues in the textile industry to determine if the thread pattern of the tweed matches current mills.

Click through for larger version of the Time Traveler

So what was this time traveler doing? He was using his new bicycle to solve transportation problems, of course.

Introducing Mulu and Dress for Yellow


A couple weeks ago, I met Doris and Amaryllis from Mulu and they surprised me with the best SXSW pitch I’ve ever heard – in a decade of Southbys, I’ve heard them all. The pitch worked mostly cause it took place in the corner of a seedy club somewhere, with cheap beer, and they genuinely believe in doing good in the world with the web. It was as if they’d read all my recent posts about the web. Weird, I know. In these times of “gonna get mine online,” it’s like they’re doing what I’m doing with the bike, but with all sorts of products and connecting people.

What Doris and Amaryllis did (besides having names that sound like they front an Indy Country Band together) is convince me to sign up for Mulu and start recommending more products. My involvement was timed to a new promotion with Lance Armstrong, LiveStrong, and Dress 4 Yellow. Doris explains all that better than me with this video

More Mulu

As I wrote last week, Bike Hugger is on various social channels and now that includes Mulu. Next month I’m riding with Mulu in Palo Alto and will blog more about their staff and what they’re doing.

For now, you can start picking yellow and you may win a seat at Lance’s table during the Dress 4 Yellow event on April 5th.

Chesini Fixed

chesini 1

A bike brand you may not have heard about in the States, but they’ve been making and selling bikes in Verona, Italy for nearly a hundred years.

chesini 2

Made in Italy

chesini 3

and painted per order.


Best seat in the house for ferry watching

Not the best food in Seattle, but a tradition to eat burgers and fries at the Waterfront Red Robin and watch the ferries. We go there after a big game, race, or birthday.

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