Starck Scooter Bike

Yellow-tired, scooter bike

Did the people of Bordeaux demand a bike than can scoot? Or did Starck just put his odd twist on it, like he did with the orange juicer? Look at the juicer and likely think, “that’s gonna spit orange all over the counter. Then, “that’s a lot of steel and parts to scoot along.”

A juicer from outer space

I don’t get it. But that is very French and what Starck does. So scoot then pedal!

This idea for a new means of locomotion sprang from the analysis of much feedback from the citizens of Bordeaux, diverse opinions, constructive and intelligent ideas and the specificities of Bordeaux. This revolutionary solution seems to be the inventive and appropriate response to questions being asked regarding pedestrian areas,

The bike was developed for a bike scheme. We rode Velib in Paris and it was marvelous.

Also, the designers at Biria were either nonplussed about the latest imitation of their bikes or flattered.

Same bike without a designer’s name

Another Fett on a Bike

This time with legos.

Uploaded by Will Vanlue | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Curious Shadows on the Bike

Playing with light and shadows on the bike along Alki beach at dusk.

Also see these photos in a lightbox view and on the map.

Spring 12 Socks

Sock action shot 1

Our new-for-Spring 12, super-stylin’, and comfy socks. Custom made for us in the USA by Hincapie Sports with an ingenious blend of fabrics to keep active feet dry, comfortable, and cool. Available now on for $9.99.

Sock action shot 2

A Sole Stretch Cuff™ provides a protective and gentle barrier; Core-spun Coolmax® and nylon support and protect the skin while wicking away moisture; and the. Rosso Extra Smooth looped toe seam creates incredible durability.

Illustrator file version!

C215 in Amsterdam

When we were in Amsterdam for FITC, painted bikes with a crazy paint scheme and left them behind. Here’s one of them. Wonder where the rest are.

C215’s photo reminded me of that project. Street art and bikes.

Uploaded by C215 | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

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