Mister Hairy Ordinary

Meet Mister Hairy Ordinary. Hairy is a simple fellow that loves riding his bike, french fries and drinking a beer in the park. Overall Hairy is happy little lad, but when things go wrong he can get a little upset…

Uploaded by Bert van Wijk | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream. Visit Bert’s site.

The Droid You Were Looking For

M. Monica posted this photo on G+ of “the coolest bike helmet ever.”


If not the coolest , cause them Tron ones from Lazer were cool too, it’s definitely one of them. My fav is still the Pango.

Raid71’s Action

Raid71’s Action series features BMX bikes




diamond bike

with diamonds

All profits raised from the sale of the illustrations above and more, like Wounded, go to charity, to fight cancer like Raid71 does.

Reverse the Threads! Damn it!


In this “adjusting brakes is fun” photo, check the sign beside the clock, where everyone will see it.

Reverse the Threads!
Left Pedal
Right BB

Wondering what prompted such signage? Did the students learning how to recycle bikes continue to not reverse the threads?

Photo uploaded to Flickr by carnagevisor

Hevics: a Mavic Hed Wheel Hack

I’ve mentioned Hevics in a few previous posts and Mark V hacked together another pair for this Cross season. In my racing wheelset quiver, this is the extreme mud tubular wheelset with the Challenge Limus.

Jedi Wheel Builder

I’ve met a few Jedi Wheel Builders and Mark V is one of them. Building a wheel set from an old Ksyrium Elite hubs and spokes with Hed’s C2 rims is an advanced, alchemic process.

2nd-gen Ksyrium Elite (1st & 2nd-gen had non-assymetrical rear rim), original Mavic spokes modified and shorten by 2mm (cut and threaded down), DT Prolock nipples.

Mark arrived at the Hevic idea, once he learned that Hed sells their C2 rims separately. He had an epiphany about ride, hub quality, and an infinitely rebuildable wheel. The first set of Hevics are on my rain bike, another on the Hodala SS, and now the Parlee CX H (for Hugga).

The Ride

Wide rim, reasonably stiff for a low spoke count, and easy to work on hubs are the features, but it’s the ride really. I describe it as “fast and smooth.” Also note that as much as I like the Hevics my new fav is the R-Sys SLRs.

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