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Davidson Urban with Custom Light Mount

Get asked often about what bike to buy and I always say, “if you’ve got the means go custom and have them bespoke build whatever you want.” Like this Urban bike with belt drive.

Davidson Urban with Custom Light Mount

click through for full rez to see the custom light mount.

It has custom fenders and needed a mount for the dynamo light. Davidson has a machine shop in the back, so they made one. You can find a builder near you with the same or similar capabilities. From paint to fit, you name it and they’ll build it. Just like they’ve been doing for decades.

Cocktails with The Cannibal

Tonight we’re headed to a Bicycling magazine cocktail party in honor of none other than Eddie Merckx, the greatest cyclist of all time. On hand to celebrate Bicycling’s 50th birthday, The Cannibal will be answering questions about cycling and his career.

So, any questions you’d like us to ask?

Riding the Infinite Loop

Computers are like a bicycle for our minds – Steve Jobs.

When these bikes aren’t parked on the Apple Campus they’re ridden on the Infinite Loop to and from work.

infinite loop

1 Infinite Loop on the Apple Campus in Cupertino

A funky bike pile in front of the Apple Campus entrance

Enve for Cross


A photo teaser for a bike project we’re working on. That’s the Enve tapered Cross fork. The bike is being built here in Seattle in the brick building on the right by Bill Davidson with design and styling by Mark V.

It’s called the Cross Mode.

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