Assos for the Roadie

Before Rapha convinced roadies the color pink was cool, there was Assos and white. They’ve been innovating and pushing the market since the 70s with lots of imitators, ripoffs, and way less-expensive options. They also made the first carbon bike.

PressCamp Assos: Pad in Clinical Blue

Stretch, floating pad in clinical blue

We save our Assos for the long days and have a one pair of shorts that are 20 years old. Still wear them on the trainer. Since urban, tweed rides, and plain-clothes cycling, I’ve been saying, “wear whatever you want” and I mix up my gear depending on what I’m doing. If you’re into the road and want to go full-on roadie, go for it. You’ve got our permission and Assos has gear for you, like this updated Climajet jacket now called ClimaX

PressCamp Assos: Climajet

that you can squeeze down into a ball and put in your jersey pocket.

PressCamp Assos: Climajet Balled Up

I’ve got an original Climajet and it introduced breathable plastic to the market

Assos Official Bike

Just a few seconds of this in Assos presentation during PressCamp and all we saw was a catalog photo, but they’re launching an “Official Bike.”

PressCamp: Assos Official Bike

Click through to see the specs

Assos got their start making a carbon bike from military technologies. That lead to clothes. I asked if the bike would ship with a pair of white booties.

Assos White Booties!

2012 Ridley Noah FB

There are a thousand photos and hours of video to edit from the Tern launch and PressCamp, but first a trip home. In the mean time, check Ridley’s Noah FB.

PressCamp Day Three- Ridley FB 6

Belgium for badass

PressCamp Day Three- Ridley FB 11

QR Code goes to the Noah FB site

Available at a Ridley dealer near you for $5300 MSPR – ships with frame, fork, and brakes. Of course, Ridley claims it’s the fastest bike ever, even faster than Specialized’s Venge. The FB doesn’t stand for Facebook, but Fast Brake.

Park City Bikes

Took a break from all the product at PressCamp to spot bikes in Park City and found these.

Park City: Fixies


Park City: Bud Lite Baskets

Baskets with Bud Light

Park City: Cruiser with Camelback

Cruiser with a CamelBack

Park City: Banksy

This Bansky that showed up during the last Sundance

Schwinn Vestige

Schwinn understands they’ve got the best brand recognition in the business and that people associate them with the bike they rode as a kid, for fun. We liked the city bikes they showed at PressCamp, including a fixie, bar bike, and the flax-tubed, LED-lit Vestige.

PressCamp Day One: Schwinn 411 Beer Bike

Make a beer run with the 411

PressCamp Day One: Schwinn Vestige

The dynamo hub powers internal LED lights. They glow and pulsate.

A disc-brake bike with porter-style rack and another made with flax and glowing lights? Sure. Visit your bike shop and buy a bike just for the novelty of it. Fenders made of bamboo and tires with recycled rubber in them? Bonus.

PressCamp Day One: Schwinn Vestige

I rode the Vestige and had a good time and imagined riding it with a group. Also hacking the light kit for more patterns. Add a boom box to the front and you’ve got a party bike. Maybe it only sees the bike path and who cares?

Pricing and availability on the Vestige wasn’t available. It won a Eurobike Gold last year. When it ships expect a carbon fork and Shimano 9-speed drivetrain with Alivio derailleur.

Also see our post on another flax bike. This one is made for racing.

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