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Off Duty D.C. Cop Catches Attacker On Bike serves up a dish of vengeance (that’s best served cold, btw) in this story of an off-duty cop referred to as K.C. who chased down a perp after he purposefully tapped her bicycle with his car.

K.C. is the blogger behind the site A Girl and Her Bike, and she regularly rides to and from work and writes about it on her site.

The article is a good summary of the event, but the full account from her blog is better and includes the full account of how the drug-dealer who bumped her was caught, and the dates for his hearing.

Two Huffys and a Lotus

This Freak Bike spotted in Georgetown during the Tall Bike Joust is made from two Huffys


and a Lotus


like this one


Don’t know the name of that bike. Didn’t meet the owner, but it does have the gayest bike decal ever.

A Kickstand for Father’s Day

A reader just told us on Twitter Retweet that Boing Boing included Kickstand in their Last minute Father’s Day gift ideas.

Bikehugger’s iPhone kickstand
Ridiculously simple design, and only $4.99. Holds iPhone (with or without bumper) on your desk while your dad work, listens to music, or watch videos of the grandkids. Buy a few, perhaps, for home and office–and for the inevitability of leaving one behind at a restaurant table.

Hey cool and we agree! Get a Kickstand for dad from

Bike Hugger Kickstand Model: Side


Bike Hugger Kickstand: 2nd Flight Test Video,  Die Antwoord

On an airplane seat tray with video

Campagnolo Compact Chainring Stupidity

Campy Compact cx chainring guard As tech-minded readers may already know, double chainring cranksets for roadbikes generally are described as either “standard” meaning a 53 tooth big ring and a 39t small, or “compact” with a 50t/34t combination. Compact road cranks have a 110mm bolt-circle-diameter which will accommodate rings smaller than 38t, down to a 34t….except for Campagnolo. No, they decided to make the their compact BCD 110mm for four of the bolts and the fifth “hidden bolt” (positioned behind the right crank arm) lies a little further outside a 110 circle. Why?

Stupid, stupid, stupid. I remember years ago when I first started wrenching, the old hands would bitch about Shimano creating ridiculous standards. I would like a Campagnolo designer to explain to me what performance benefit could possibly come from placing one of the five bolts 2mm outside the 110 BCD. A rational person could only assume that they did it to make their cranks incompatible with other manufacturers’ chainrings (though Specialties TA does make some). I have to say that I am personally offended….you suck Campy!

The Campy ring situation puts a crimp in my attempts to tailor custom bikes to suite a customer’s needs. For instance, no one makes a Campy compact compatible cyclocross chainring guard. But I’m not going out like that. I took a Campy 50t ring, ground off the teeth and combined it with a 46t Campy ring. Voi la!

Campy Compact cx chainring guard

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