Novara Gotham

I noticed a Novara Gotham in the Nuvinci tent and took it for a ride.

PressCamp Day One: Novara Gotham on the Road

Best part of PressCamp is the riding on the road and dirt.

Like with any belt drive, the first thing you notice is how quiet it is. Pair it with a Nuvinci hub and it’s smooth.

PressCamp Day One: Novara Gotham Belt Nuvinci

This is Sade’s greatest hits on a Sunday afternoon smooth. The bike is made for just riding along in style. It includes an integrated rack and nice touches with the saddle, grips, fenders.

PressCamp Day One: Novara Gotham Right Side

I noticed how much Nuvinci has improved too. It’s much more responsive than the version that’s on the Bettie. You twist and feel the “gear” change almost instantly.

The Gotham I rode is a prototype and I’ve asked REI for more details and availability.

Tern Bicycles Photos

Attending two press events in two countries in a week means we’re out of sync on what we post, but it’s all good photos and news just the same. This morning it’s back to Taipei and Tern Bicycles for photos, notes, and then lots more to share from PressCamp.

Tern Verge S11i High Rez

Tern Verge

The Verge is a showroom floor type bike that will pop with its paint job and build kit. There’s an OCD-level of attention to detail from the Product Designer, Yo Yo.

Tern Bicycles: Yo Yo with Verge Black

Yo Yo is more into bikes than we are

As soon as we get a demo bike, I’ll list all those details off. For now, the main ones are hydroformed, shaped frames and massive OS hinges. These are as stiff as Moultons and I expect future product cycles will include suspension.

Tern Bicycles: Hydroforming

Like Lexus to Toyota

Tern is a mid-to high-end folding bike company and is about what happens after you unfold the bike. The ride quality. Tern’s massive hinges address flex in folding frames and also are spec’ with premium parts. I noticed the welds, paint, and details.

If Tern was a carbon bike company that just launched, the press releases would’ve been all about how stiff the frame is. While that doesn’t matter to their consumer, other folders move at least 2 cms fore and aft and in the steerer mast. The Verge S11s I rode does NOT move. It just goes.

Very impressive and the crowd was enthusiastic at the launch.

PressCamp Day One: Wood Veneer IF

A wood-veneer, Ti IF with Enve Composites wheels? Sure, that’s what the founder of ENVE rides and he’s quite proud of it. Similar in build and style to my Hotspur.

Uploaded by Hugger Industries | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Obey Chicken

Asians love KFC. Papa Johns too. See more of these than Mickey Ds in Taiwan and China. This photo looks Obey like and loomed large in the market.

Uploaded by Hugger Industries | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

PressCamp: Parlees on the Deck with Wahoo Fitness

PressCamp: Parlees on the Deck 1

A Parlee with Wahoo Fitness Bike Mount

At PressCamp now and that’s a photo of a Wahoo Fitness Bike Case and Mount on a Parlee. Wahoo demo’d an app that tracked 3 attendees as they raced down and up the resort road. Like a Tour Tracker, they showed power, speed, location.

PressCamp: Wahoo Fitness

Track your Tuesday Worlds

Both Biologic and Wahoo have told us to expect SmartPhones to replace cyclocomputers within 5 years. Skeptical? They’re already showing sales to prove it.

PressCamp: Parlees on the Deck 2

Pick a Parlee Z5 to ride

I’ll ride one of these Parlees tomorrow and test Wahoo’s system too. Before that, will upload more photos from the Tern Bicycles launch and reports. As usual, follow along on Twitter and Flickr.

I’m focusing on Cross here with a ride Ridley’s new bikes, Gore gear, and more.

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