Fordzilla Eats Bikes

Rob Ford is Toronto’s famously anti-bike (anti any transportation method that isn’t a car) Mayor who now has the honor of being caricatured by street artist JP.

Painted with ink on paper, and pasted around the city of Toronto, these images depict a cartoon glutinous Rob Ford eating things he would like to remove from the city.

We rode in Toronto last year. It’s a bike town that struggles with support for the bike.

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Travel Bike Details

Travel Bike Details

Some bike travelers obsess the details to reduce weight, clutter, and the amount of tools to pack. Efficient, less error-prone packing is important when jetlagged with a flight to catch or when crammed in a tiny London hotel room.

This crank modification allows you to adjust bearing tension with an allen wrench, instead of Shimano’s dial-shaped adjuster.

Small, black plastic parts are also especially hard to find in a travel case. Other mods include picking stems and seatposts based on their bolt sizes, so you can take reduce the amount of allen wrenches.

Fixing Crappy Stems

Crappy stem before facing

You’ll notice on the Davidson MkV (“mark five”) that in the TT mode the aerobar is fitted to a steeply negative stem. Most people who buy this stem run position in an angled-up attitude, but I have it down 35 degrees. To my chagrin I discovered that the face of the steerer clamp was not even, causing the King InSet internal headset to bind. I suppose a $185 Deda Zero100 Pista stem would be more precisely made than this $25 piece of crap, but I’m not willing to part with the cash. So I mounted the stem on a 1-1/8” steel tube, chucked it onto the lathe, and faced it myself. I just shaved a little metal off the clamp until it was uniform. Voila! Of course, you can’t even see what I did when the stem is installed, but the devil is in the details.

crappy stem w/ faced steerer clamp

May the 4th Be With You

@shawnokeefe spotted this Stormtrooper outside of the Whole Foods in Austin on Star Wars day.

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They’re closing in…

One man breakaway realizing the pack is on its way…

Featured on Flickr too.

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