Spring Transition

Little Miss Sara Chan is ready for Spring. So are we.

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A Fitness Center and Commuter App + Fondo

Patently Apple posts on a “patent application from Apple that reveals various aspects of a newly advanced Fitness Center App.”

Apple’s patent describes the possibility that the iPhone will one day include a single, seamless application that will introduce new customers to a fitness center and motivate these new customers to keep returning to the fitness center as active members.

Think about that same concept for a bike shop or coaching. For all the current iPhone, bike-related apps none are integrating performance, coaching, and community. Rides have meet at shops since there have been shops. How could an owner encourage more interaction with technology?

Bike Commuter Counter

Also in the news today is Dero ZAP Bike Commuter Counter

The Dero ZAP provides you with a reliable and easy way for you to accurately track and encourage biking as a healthy, green mode of transportation to and from your organization.

That’s an RFID tag you attach to a Bike to Work participant’s bike (for example) and track their progress – they just need to ride by the sensor. I know groups manually track commuters now with spreadsheets or their own websites and reward them with incentives and prizes. What Dero has done is package up a system.

Now if you combined what Apple is thinking,with a shop or Bike to Work angle. Then connect that to RFID tags, that’s a very promising use of tech and bikes to create community.


Facebook fan Matthew Cole commented

love the idea of RFID for encouraging commuting. Next level would be feeding a commuter a list of “you might enjoy commuting with…” in the same way that Facebook or Twitter suggest following/friending based on overlap in contact list graphs. instead, the app would recommend fellow commuters by similar RFID nodes crossed. Benefits are improved community, safety.


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GlennF explains why and how phones crowdsource GPS data in a Macworld article

Calculating a phone’s location using just GPS satellite data can take up to several minutes. iPhone can reduce this time to just a few seconds by using Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower data to quickly find GPS satellites.

Regional Life Tracked on an iPhone

Map of iPhone Data collection points

iPhones are collecting that data to triangulate your location quickly and accurately. Meanwhile Zulutime patents similar technology for 1 on 1 commerce

ZuluTime delivers cost-effective in-store location solutions, enabling retailers to strengthen customer loyalty and increase sales by engaging shoppers based on their specific location inside the store.

I’m less interested in a big-box store experience and having my phone tell me where the blue-light specials are, but instead a connected Fondo ride. At various points along the route, you’ve got vendors, hotels, shops, and snack stops lighting up your phone, mounted on your bike.

Triangulated bike rides that connect consumers to retailers? That’s getting into Bike Shop 2.0.

The Gates Foundation Bikes to Work

Pedaling a small-wheeled folding bike in a cold Seattle squall through hub-deep puddles was like turning the crank on a jack-in-the-box with potholes as the surprise. When will I endo or bust my balls? I maneuvered like I was on single track avoiding roots and rocks. Last time I was that tense on a bike, I was flying going into Turn 1 at the Ballard Crit. I got onto a path as soon as possible and headed towards the Gates Foundation for the opening of their new campus. Rode up Broad on sharrows, a left on Mercer, a right into the parking garage, and I was there with the Space Needle in view.

Gates Foundation: Parking Garage

Rack inside the Mercer Street parking lot

After a quick change in the bathroom, I set out to find these “massive bike racks” I’d heard about. In Seattle, cyclists take Bike to Work month very seriously. With the move to the new campus, the Foundation is also being much more open about who they are and what they do, including how much their employees ride.

The last time I saw that many cyclist in a work place was when we visited the Microsoft Campus and their on-site bike shop.

Gates Foundation: Hannah

Hannah doesn’t own a car and bikes to work

Cavernous Bike Cage

Gates Foundation: Racks on Left

Wall- and floor mounted racks

You could fit the Tour de France in here with hanging space for 142 bikes, floor racks, and wall space. Next door are lockers and a mud room for the wet days.

Something in Common with the Royal Wedding

Hey hey, Kate Middleton is spending the night at the Goring Hotel and in 09, I assembled a bike in one of their rooms! Later, I got kicked out of the restaurant for opening a laptop and got sneered at for walking the bike through the lobby. At the time, we called it the Royal Treatment. Brushed that all off in the afternoon when we met up with Jason at the BBC.

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The Prettiest/Greenest/Healthiest Water Bottle I Own

When our PR pal Julie wrote to tell me that Nau had a brand new Kleen Kanteen to review naturally I was interested. I love bottles that aren’t lined with plastic, made from plastic or that smell like toxic dumps. What I didn’t expect is that a work of art would show up on my doorstep. Check out this beauty. Nau Kleen Kanteen This new Kleen Kanteen is made with organically harvested bamboo, food grade silicone and is made out of stainless steel. Today I hacked my espresso machine to make iced tea (ground up gunpowder green tea in a spice grinder, packed into espresso chamber and made a thick tea base to cut with water and ice) and filled up the Kanteen before I went out for a walk. There’s something great about drinking from a metal container—maybe it just reminds me of the metal canteens we used in cub scouts, but it feels like summer and happiness.

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