HTML5, Mobile, and the Outdoor Industry

At SXSW Kevin Tamura and I hosted a Core Conversation about What Exactly are we Doing on the Web

Nearly 20 years into this industry – one that we mostly just made up as we went along – it’s time to ask, what exactly is our craft? What do we do and how well do we do it? Byron will ask questions about a professional ethos, values, and ongoing growth from the early days to now and the future. He’ll also share inspiration, throw out some challenges, and engage in a conversation about our careers on the Web.

Yesterday I continued that conversation about “what we do” at Mix 11, a Microsoft Conference. For the MS audience, I broadened the topics to include HTML5, the mobile web, and design. While a big talk, the relevance to this blog and the outdoor industry is seen in Slide 26: Electra Bikes.

Slide 26: Electra Bikes

Eddy gets eaten alive in ‘75

I passed Eddy without even daring to look at him …on his 1977 Peugeot PY-1.

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A Very Big Bike

MoSo PDX 11: Very Big Bike

I saw this commercially-available Tall Bike in photos from NAHBS and it was at the Portland Bike Show. The owner of the bike and company, Joseph VanLoozen, joined us for the Mobile Social.

big bike

We discussed the briefly riding around Portland. He’s addressed safety concerns by passing the CPSC and the bike has an ASTM certification. Unanswered is whether or not a tall bike is viable, outside of a bike shop niche. What do you think?

America’s Favorite Roadside Attraction

When in Portland, OR, we stay at the Vintage Plaza Hotel and this bike is usually parked outside. Because of the Wall Drug bumper sticker wrapped around the seat tube, I’ve nicknamed it, “America’s Favorite Roadside Attraction.”

wall drug bike

The bike doesn’t change over the years. That tear in the seat gets a bit bigger and the tires more worn. Hope to meet the owner some day.

Mobile Social

After Built, we rode a Mobile Social in a pleasant waterfont loop. Sharrows guided us like a yellow brick road to the Five-fingered Dandy King, who pointed us towards the Spirt of 77 bar


where you park your bikes inside.

Five-Fingered Dandy King of Portland

Bike, beer, tweed, five fingers and doing his part to keep Portland weird.

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