Mens Room with Messenger Bag

A few months before launching the Big Bag of Win, I was out testing it in urban environments, like a mens room. Notice how the bag rides “high and tight.” That’s to stablize it with the massive shoulder and chest strap.

Load the bag up with a Macbook Air, iPad, Nikon D7000, some bike tools, and you’re rolling like this.

Big Bag of Win: Rolled

Uploaded by Hugger Industries | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Hey Something’s Different?

a shift in the matrix

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Our Big Bag of Win!

Today we’ve launched a new messenger bag custom made for us by Mission Workshop. The Big Bag of Win is on pre-sale now for $169.00 before we send them off to Amazon’s warehouses and ahead to SXSW.

Bag win1

Based on Mission Workshop’s Rummy with our emblem on the outer flap and logotype on the inner flap, you can open it up for the Hugga reveal …

Bag win2

More photos on Flickr.


A 1650 cu. in. weatherproof rolltop messenger bag with Bike Hugger emblem on the outer flap and logotype on the inner flap.

  • Completely weatherproof construction
  • Rolltop cargo compartment
  • Quick-access outboard pockets
  • 5 internal zippered pockets
  • Aluminum hardware
  • Reversible Shoulder strap for left or right wear
  • Detachable cross-chest stabilizer
  • Water-resistant urethane coated zippers
  • Center pocket big enough for most laptops.
  • Made in America with a lifetime warranty
  • Measures - 18” x 11” x 5.5”
  • Volume - 1,650 cu. in. / 27 L / 6 Gallons
  • Weight 3.25 lbs / 1.45 Kg
  • Shipping weigh: 5 Lbs

More descriptions

If winning isn’t your thing, then this bag is a bag of the blues, a bag of tow, a bag blocked. It’s bag enough, a fine bag, and a nice old bag of tricks. You can put a cat into this bag. Live out of it while you bike around the world. More simply, we made this bag for us and hope you like it too.

Buy Now

Buy now from and these will ship to you from Hugga HQ.

Bags stacked up like Flapjacks

Stacked up like flapjacks and ready to ship

Weekend Special

Our bag will ship to you full of win and today with an iBex Wool Hat too. For free. That’s a $30.00 value.

Bike Hugger Wool Hat

The New 3T & Cyclocross

Luteus1.png There was a time when Cinelli dominated the quality road bar and stem market, and the only company to compete against the venerable Italian marque was another Italian company, Tecnologia del Tubo Torinese….otherwise known as 3T. Strangely enough, both companies ended up being purchased by the Gruppo SpA, run by Antonio Columbo of Columbus tubing. But frankly by around Y2K, Cinelli had completely fallen behind newer upstarts like Deda Elementi and a host of Asian manufacturers in terms of technological innovation. As for 3T, it had wasted away into irrelevance, and in 2006 Gruppo sold the 3T brand to a Dutch entrepreneur. When 3T was relaunched, they made an immediate impact by introducing totally new, well-conceived product with smart graphics and sponsoring Pro Tour teams such as Cervelo and Garmin.

I’ve talked to 3T before and the company has always planned to make a thoughtful expansion of their product line beyond road. The new Luteus cyclocross fork is in some ways their boldest move yet. For while their dropbars and stems are light and elegantly simple, and their aerobars some of the technically best available, the Luteus fork shows 3T aggressively seizing the industry lead in developing and marketing a pro-level, disc brake-specific CX fork.

SRAM: Black is the new Red and white is the new Apex


Let’s assume you really care about the colour of your road bike components. Yes, yes…you’re not one of those people, but we’re talking about a purely hypothetical situation at the moment in which you pretend that you’re not the hardboiled road rider who’d ride a lawnchair balanced on a pair of hula hoops if necessary. You couldn’t give a rat’s ass what you’re bike looks like, nor what Boonen’s bike looks like. You‘re beyond aesthetics, but right now I need to talk about colour ways and coordinating like a nancy. Maybe you should skip this post. Still reading? Yes, your interest is strictly academic, of course.


SRAM & colour: What the hell? A few years ago SRAM created a flagship road component group, and in a move that still has their marketing people hi-five’ing each other, they named it “Red”….brilliant…it sounds like it could be the new fragrance from Dior or whatnot.

Then after a sponsored rider wins the Tour with their bits on his bike, they come out with a yellow-accented limited edition version of their Red…’cause you know, yellow=Tour de France. You can still buy red Red, but for a limited time and a dash more money you can buy a yellow Red….it’s not really yellow though (thank god), it’s mainly all black with yellow logos and no red whatsoever. Next SRAM introduces black Red, which is no more black like the Limited Edition yellow but does have a little red.

Now the model name “Red” seems like not such a good idea. Well, they needed to call it something I guess, and SRAM didn’t want to tap into old Sachs names like New Success.

NEXT UP!: SRAM’s entry level group Apex will be available in a white colour way for 2012….it won’t replace the current black Apex nor is it a special edition “Albino Apex”. Actually, the white Apex looks pretty good to me. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos I can post, or at least I haven’t been able to steal any yet.

BTW, SRAM’s 2x10 philosophy for mtb drivetrains didn’t win over every product manager in the industry, so look forward to some 3x10 SRAM offroad options next year. But as for you roadies out there who are looking for a triple options…none for you.

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