An Appetite

Back in Seattle and after a good, hard ride, was very hungry. This burrito with mole and creme fraiche satisfied my appetite and is a favorite post-ride food.

Hello Burrito!

What’s your fav? You crave a cob salad or fatburger after putting in the miles?

City Bikes in Austin

Just before leaving Austin, I waited at a street corner for a ride to the airport and watched cyclists ride by.

Austin 11: Basket

Saw an average of 5 to 10 every few minutes and in groups or by themselves. Some bikes had baskets and most were like this Huffy.

SXSW 11: Huffy

Promotional Use Only

Austin 11: Promotional Use Only

Saw this UV Vodka fixie roll by, took a photo, and then noticed the “promotional use only” sticker on the head tube. That’s right. This bike is a prop at a press party for vodka.

Austin 11: UV Vodka

At least it had brakes, but what would happen if you took it for a ride? Would it explode like the Bluesmobile at the end of the Blues Brothers?

Flatstock Bike Posters

Flatstock Posters Bikes Ballroom A

Shawn O’Keefe mentioned I should visit the Flatstock Rock Poster Convention during SXSW. I did and discovered that poster people are into the bike too!

Vive Le Velo

Flatstock Posters Bikes 061

More photos from Flatstock are on Flickr.

Note: I walked the show just before leaving for the Airport and didn’t get the names of the poster makers. That last poster I saw before we leaving was “make some damn shit,”

Flatstock Posters Bikes: Make Some Damn Shit

A couple years ago, the focus of the talks I do and this blog was do epic shit. Our readers still remember that. Something about the slogan rang true. What it meant then and now is

Make meaningful, interesting stuff, challenge yourself, live and work hard with a fire in the belly.

It was cool to see the printer equivalent of Do Epic Shit. When I took the photo, I thought, “that’s right. Make some damn shit too.”

Austin is Weirder

I’ve learned from our Mobile Socials that a good way to get to know the people of Austin is to ride with them.

Mobile Social SXSW: Good Times

Also just riding around town, I’ve met all sorts of characters like Garbage Man

SXSW 11:  Garbage Man

and this server at the Nine Party

Austin: Hallway at Austin City Limits

Austin is weirder than ever and I hope the trend continues.

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