Biologic Bike Brain First Ride

Out for spin with the Bike Brain

Biologic shipped their new iOS app Bike Brain yesterday. It’s a companion to the iPhone Bike Mount and we took it out for a quick spin last night around Alki. First impressions are good. Swipe to change screens, informative map with compass view, and also a training mode that works with ANT+ devices.

Note the dexterity required to snap a screenshot while riding was considerable and NOT recommend.

Bike Brain Speedo

We’ll ride more with the app this weekend and also post on the iBike Dash that we’ve gone on test too.

With all these new bike-related apps and cases, we expect the next-generation will focus on being aero. None of these cases have gone into a wind tunnel (yet) and I expect many cyclists are thinking “why buy a power meter computer for my bike, when I can just use my phone?” Or, why buy a Garmin for my Randonnee ride when I can use my iPhone with a case that connects to a dynamo hub, like the Reecharge.

App Shootout

Every time I post or mention a new app, I hear about apps I didn’t know about or someone’s fav. Tell us what bike apps you’re using.

an iPad on the Workbench

iPad on the Workbench

I’ve seen iPads on planes, in the kitchen, and everywhere else, including bike races. It’s inevitable they’ll end up in bike shops and on Workbenches.

iPad on the Workbench Close

Asked on Twitter yesterday who was using them

How about you? Making orders? Selling stuff? Are you designing a bike-related app, like Biologic’s Bike Brain?

At Rest

Patiently waiting for the next ride.

Uploaded by sewin | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Kickstand Presales

While Kickstands™ are en route to’s warehouse for sale on their website in early April, we’re pre-selling the stock we’ve got at Hugga HQ. Buy now and we’ll ship it this week. Kickstands cost $4.99.

First Sale

First Kickstand sale!

Our first sale was last week at SXSW. This CNN cameraman bought two and then a Mailchimp bought 10.

Kickstand at Work Rear

Kickstand at Work Rear

Kickstand at Work Front

Kickstand at Work Front

On my desk, I use Kickstand to hold the iPhone while it’s plugged in and syncing. When traveling, it’s on the airplane seat trays and the nightstand in the hotel. I toss it into my bag when I’m riding.


We designed Kickstand for the iPhone 4 and didn’t expect that people at SXSW would want to try it with their phones. We learned the holder also works with

We haven’t tested every possible phone/case combination, but if you want to try it and tell us, please do. We’ll refund your purchase and shipping if it doesn’t.

Hed Wheel Selector App

Hed Cycling Products released a new App last week to choose the right wheel. I think it’s more likely you’d use this to prove to your bros how fast your wheel is and was at the Tuesday Worlds. You could demonstrate with a yaw caluculator, course style, and wind how you were pedaling less than everyone else, but going faster.

app screenshot

app screenshot two

Hed’s app is available in the iTunes store

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