Adelino has popped up on Flickr and into my newsfeed before. He’s reportedly been riding his bike around the world for 7 years and 47,000 kilometers. There’s no blog, Twitter, or Facebook records for Adelino. Just photos with him and his map busking for coins.


Photo: Amit Mendelsohn

Have you met Adelino? Seen him in your travels?


Two Cyclists Make a Race

Two cyclists make a race. Three of them and it’s a world championships. Race numbers pinned on your back or not, it’s in our DNA to compete. I’ve seen it with commuters in Seattle, on the bridges of Portland, and even in Amsterdam. While they don’t queue up for a sprint in AMS with their iron-age bikes, you do not want to get in their way.


Photo: Nikkatsu Corporation.

This photo captures the race on! spirit of cycling and is from the 1997 film Postman Blues by Sabu. The Japan Society is screening Sabu’s films in New York. The films are about the modern Japanese man

paralyzed by feelings of inadequacy, in thrall to cartoonish yakuza fantasies and only coming alive when he’s drunk beyond the point of memory or volition.

I’ve never seen a Sabu film, but that description is like the Single Speed cross races I did last year.

Efficient Velo Tools

As it was told to me

There’s this guy that invented new bike tools and stands. He took them to the Blue Tool People and they ignored him. So he made them himself and they’re great!

Well that’s a good story and this counterweighted stand can lift a heavy-ass cargo bike while keeping the mechanic standing upright.


Stand, clamp, and clamp innards

Visit EVT for more tools.

Derailleurs and emails

DA derailleur old.jpg


p> The late Sheldon Brown will surely be remembered as the first patron saint of internet cycling lore and has been for me personally an inspiration for technical writing. But none of that mitigates the fact that spelling derailleur as “derailer” is just stupid. The earliest derailleur was created by a Frenchman, the first widely available designs were French, the first commercially successful British products were from a company established through a French partnership, and everyone already spells it “derailleur”.

Sheldon Brown argued that there is a precedent in the English for a railroad mechanism called a “derailer”, but the supposition is that locomotives are more relevant to bicycles than a French invention to move a chain across a cogset.

There is L’Academie francaise (the French Academy), an institution in France, that among other things protects the Frenchness of the language from contaminants like the phrase “quarter pounder with cheese”. A few years ago, the French Academy decreed that the word “email” was un-French and mandated that France would use the word “courriel”. This is short for courrier electronique, the direct transliteration of “electronic mail”. Ever since then, all the French now have a cafe and a croissant in the morning before reading their personal “courriel”.

WAIT! No, they don’t! …because that’s STUPID and everyone knows it to be so. In a gratifying vote for pragmatism, the average Frenchman recognizes the primacy of the Anglo-American word “email” and choses both the status quo and universal clarity.

So remember, kids: D-E-R-A-I-L-L-E-U-R.

Four Schwinns

Outside of the 70s, that must be some sort of record. 4 Schwinns at one time.

Uploaded by Randy Richmond Photography | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

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