Roller Training

Leon Van Bon getting ready for the Rotterdam Six and an inspiration for those of you sweating inside on trainers. A Six Day is a “six-day” track race and they were enormously popular in the US until the Great Depression.

Uploaded by Leon van Bon | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

1/1/11 in Amsterdam


The day after in Amsterdam – via Amsterdamize on Flickr.

Lip Warmer

With baklava balaclava and a “lip warming” pelostache. Here in Seattle, we wait a few hours until it gets up to freezing before the ride.

Uploaded by BR!AN QU!NN | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

New Years Day with a New Bike

We start the new year with a Traitor 3 Speed, the Luggernaut.

traitor_3_speed 1.jpg


traitor_3_speed 2.jpg

Columbus Thron Steel

traitor_3_speed 3.jpg

Hugga Highlights: Videos

In 2010, our YouTube videos with the most views include

and our fav video is from Cyclefilm. It’s about our Mobile Social SXSW.

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