Pugsley with H Bars

In Eastern Washington we used to ride the irrigation canals for miles – a beast bike like this would rule those gravel roads.

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Indict this Bike

That’s Tyler Hamilton’s b-bike from a previous tour, bought by a local racer. Suspcious that it was part of a bikes for dope program? It says Postal on it! The owner is waiting for a subpoena.


He’d remove the fenders and that crazy amount of stack height for a proper perp walk.

Today the enemy was WIND!

Seven hours and ten minutes into a ride, Carina Berlingeri shot this photo of Stefan Rohner. Various caption options include, “concerned about the next 50 minutes and the final climb.”

Uploaded by stefan rohner | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Back in the Day: the Tuck

When no one was making any real money at this sport, bike racers would employ all sorts of cheap tricks to win, including the tuck.


Pulling your shorts up high to hold your jersey in place, was a “poor-man’s skinsuit.” Also note the old-school, banged up saddle. A saddle used to last a lifetime.

Photo: Christopher Shaun Newman of his teammates Richard DiGiacomo and Johnny Poux, at the Harlem Crit in the Summer of 1982. Spotted on Facebook.

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