Why Fender Bikes

After the snow melt, it’s back to riding rain bikes in Seattle. We’re in the rainy season from now until May and these photos show why we ride with fenders and flaps.

Pink and Fendered

Those protect you, but they’re more for the people you ride with in a group. That mud, dirt, and grime all over the bike would spray up into their faces without the flaps.

Flax and Fendered

Why do we do it? Because riding in the rain cleanses the soul.

Roubaix Fendered

It also destroys your drivetrain.


Note the braze and flourishes.

Uploaded by Sunrise cycles | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Party Poster

A Partybot’s poster for our Holiday Party drawn by Karl Addison.


We met Karl in Berlin, he looks good in ambient light, and riding past the Berlin Wall.


Two new names popped up recently in the ever expanding list of people looking for the magic pill. Neil Schubel of Saginaw, MI, and Chuck Coyle of Boulder, CO both were suspended in “non-analytical positive” findings. This essentially just means that they didn’t test positive in a drug test, but that there is other evidence to suggest they doped. Whatever - it’s bullshit and dumb, and they both have their own stories to tell about it.

If you’re into chasing these sorts of stories, there are number of very interesting theories about these users. I saw one thread that said Neil boosted his power 9%. Another that says Chuck was duped into lending someone his laptop. Whatever. I tend to be in the Adam Myerson camp on all this.

As Byron says, “bring me a cup and I’ll pee anyday”.

Holiday Sale 2010

All of our gear is 40 - 50% off now through the end of the year and while supplies last. Shop our store for the deals and directly on Amazon.com.

Hugga Boo Women Mens, Womens hoodies on sale for $25.99 at 50% off.

Gift Guide

We’ve collected our favorite gear (besides our own) on Amazon.com into an updated Gift Guide, including Ibex Commuter Knickers, lights from Princeton Tec, and Crank Brothers multi-tool.


Our favorite knickers.

Stocking Stuffers

We made Clip-n-Seals 10 years ago to keep our chips, coffee, and oatmeal fresh on road trips to bike races. They’ve been a best-seller ever since and good gifts for your fellow cyclists.

Fresh Oatmeal

They’re on sale for 20% off on Amazon.com.

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