Thankful for Bikes

Tweeterwoofer is thankful for a family of bikes

We’re thankful for our families too and for having a Cross course in our backyard that’s on the way to the store.

Cross Shopping

This straw bike is cool too

and from last year, the best bike box we’ve seen.

sidecar bicycle

Uploaded by Tweeterwoofer, Arthur Chapman, and oltenia1915 | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Our 2nd Annual Holiday Party

Our 2nd Annual Holiday Party is next week at Elliott Bay Bicycles and we hope you can join us. We’ll have a keg of Mannys, snacks, party favors, games, and gear deals. Ryan from Go Means Go is our game master and besides wanting to touch your junk, he’ll host:

  • Best Found Object – bring in the best thing you’ve found on a ride
  • How many balls in the bowl? – bearings in a bowl
  • Brightest Bike – ride in with your best-lit bike.

Prizes for these games include, but are not limited to, “a tube.” Possibly a chain masterlink or a carbon headset spacer. We have a biopace chainring set to give way as well!


Just joking. We’ll have some cool scwhwag and Mark V will take you on a tour of the shop that makes Davidson Bicycles. Ed Ewing is MC’ing the party and you know he’s got a posse.



RSVP on Facebook.

Totally Pro Junior

Lightweight wheels, Di2, skinsuit, and Aero helmet for what looks like a kid’s race lap around an office park. PRO!


Photo: Matt Simpson on Facebook.

The one next to him with the helmet covering her eyes, was likely quite upset about being out geared at that race.


Source on that photo is possibly here on Slowtwitch. Who knows on forums.

Meanwhile Urban Snow

While we’re getting all technical with the right tires, pressure, and Cross bikes in the snow, Ryan from Go Means Go rode an old 1979 Schwinn Typhoon around town.


Note: for readers wondering why an inch of snow is “epic” and a cold, “end of days,” it’s because we live in Seattle, where we’re even passive/aggressive about the weather.

Yeah we got this storm thing covered. Oh no there’s a storm – a bad one! Next year, we’ll do better on the storm.

This happens every storm and this time, the storm now pummeling Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah, paralyzed our city.

Cross-Train THIS, Bitch

2010-11-21 at 15-33-01.jpg

The other day while reviewing the LeMond Revolution trainer the topic of cross-training vs. actually riding came up. Generally I don’t stop riding my bike in the winter (I’ve several times clocked more miles from November through February than February through May) but I don’t ride as hard core in the winter either.

My normal cross training routine involves lots of racquetball (and racquetball related injuries) and a good amount of lifting.

But I’ve got a new regimen thanks to Microsoft’s new Kinect system. The motion-capture-based game controller works with a number of great games and I’m using them to get the winter-time workout that I never got from the much-vaunted Wii.

In particular I’ve been playing Fighters Uncaged , a first-person street fighting game that uses actual punches and kicks as the interface for, well, punching and kicking.

After my first bout of fights I was panting, sweating and breathing harder than I have in months. Elbow punches, roundhouse kicks, ducking and jabbing–this is great. And it’s getting all of my muscles in shape.

I’m not sure how many people out in Hugger Land have Kinect and Xbox Live accounts, but I’m thinking of doing a gaming night for BikeHugger fans. If you’re interested in some online gaming, let us know in the comments.

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