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Princeton Tec Push: Well Lit

My what bright eyes you have on your bike with a new handlebar-mounted LED from Princeton Tec. We weren’t able to out ride this light on the commute home. It throws a nice oval-shaped spot in front of you.

The decorative blinky LEDS on the side, don’t do much, but look cool. It also matches our cooktop!

Princeton Tec Push: Matches Cooktop

Wouldn’t want a kid to blind themselves, but you could slide this light out of the clamp, hand it to a toddler, and tell him it was a light saber.

It looks sci-fi.

Our commutes are in the city with street lights, so we’re not heading into the heart of darkness or we’d need more lumens. Speaking of that, what’s your light setup this year?


  • Power: 100 lumens
  • Lamp: max bright led
  • Burn time: 63 hours
  • Batteries: 3 aaa alkaline or rechargable
  • Weight: 115 grams

MSRP is $49.99 and the well-designed clamp means it won’t rattle over rough pavement.

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An Unorganized, Official, Unofficial Worlds

It’s like someone blew the conch. This conch has bike grease and PBR stickers all over it. Hearing the call, the Single Speed Tribe arrived for a weekend party with some racing. Don’t let the plushies and strangeness fool you though; when they want to, this crew throw down.

I learned that the hard way during the CrossCat qualifier on Saturday. I stopped with another racer in our heat at Lady Rainer while the other 4 sped away. I thought at the time, “Suckas!” Then wait. Hold on.

That Geoff Casey is a smart dude, maybe that wasn’t a stop … better hit it hard now.

Never saw my heat again. I blew and settled into a manageable tempo after the stairs to Holgate, riding the Hobo Trail, and the Beacon Hill runup. I recovered descending into Georgetown and drove it home to finish last in my heat. Rock n’ Roll bro! I attempted to lodge a trucker-expletive-laden protest over Lady Rainer, but to no avail.

You Look Mahvelous

My tactical error and lack of speed didn’t qualify me for Worlds. However, once the organizers were good and drunk, I talked my way into a number and started the next day. As Raleigh’s Sally said himself

It’s the most unorganized, official, unofficial event ever created.

number.jpg #230

Readers following our cross coverage, know we built up a Raleigh Single Speed (named the Hugga Hodala) and specifically to do Worlds. Mark styled it up right with bling, the Tufos, and I was prepared to at least look good. Cause in Cross, it’s better to look good than to feel good.

mahvelous.jpg Mr. Marvelous, Fernando Lamas

TRP’s CX9 cross-specific v-brakes

trpcx9.jpgThough I love cyclocross, I’ve long had a love/hate relationship with the equipment used on most cross bikes. I ride a variety of terrain on my cyclocross bike including standard cross races (usually flat, sometimes muddy) but also very hilly gravel roads near my home as well as things I’d normally take my mountain bike on. The biggest difference from my MTB and my cross bike is the braking – I have sure-footed discs on my mountain bike that can reliably slow me down any steep descents with good control while my cyclocross bike’s ancient cantilever brake design mean I’m mashing them to the rim with all my might, white knuckles showing on the downhills as I watch the edge of the trail approach my front wheel at way too great of speeds.

Huggacast 141: Single Speed Cyclocross

sscxwc_squatch.jpg A slideshow from the CrossCat & SSCXWC weekened featuring the Teabags on Toptubes blogger getting his ass smacked, Kathleen McMahon’s Steampunk outfit, a 5 second interview with Raleigh’s Sally, and some strange …

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