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Ugh! I’m in Seattle! Byron and the gang are in Vegas taking care of “business”. I’m bummed I missed this one - more to come I’m sure.

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CrossVegas is BIG time

Interbike - some people loath it, some love it. Regardless, consensus is that Brook Watts puts on a great race and has made CrossVegas one of the highlights of the week.

Todd Wells crashes into first step, Tim Johnson nearly runs him over

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Zipp Vuka Sprint Handlebars

For us racer-types, getting your hands in the drops comfortably without hitting our forearms is a bit of a problem with a lot of bars - especially when you are really pulling on them in a sprint. Some guys (including old favorite Marcel Wust) would run track bend bars on road bikes to make that position more comfortable. Zipp looks like they have an offering that solves for that without sacrificing the “tops” position. Looks pretty cool.

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Interbike Casualty: Avo

First known Interbike 2010 casualty, “Avo’s bike got smashed when we forgot to take the bikes off the roof rack before entering garage 2 of Circus Circus.”

Bro! Was that your demo bike for all to see?

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Ignite Bikes Speakers

For our first Ignite Bikes, we’ve got quite a line up of speakers and presentations, including:

  • Livestrong Challenge – Chris Brewer, Livestrong
  • Path to Better Biking – Tim Blumenthal, People for Bikes
  • Lifetime of Cycling – Steve Gluckman, REI
  • Economic Myths of Building for Bicycles – David Lowe-Rogstad, Substance
  • Materials, Design, and Sustainability – Nona Varnado
  • Cocktail Parties – Jason Swihart, Mellow Clutter

Intermission: Leaving Las Vegas

  • Beyond the Bubble – Amy Walker, Momentum
  • Awesomeness – Byron, Bike Hugger
  • Unknown Preso from Mystery Speaker – Beta Brand
  • What Cyclists Want – Paul Harris, Urbana
  • How to Be a Bike Company on the Internet – Matt Haughey, Metafilter
  • Mobile Apps for Bikes – David Schloss, Bike Hugger
  • The Revolution of Small – Brad Smith, Webvisions
  • Dude, Where’s my Car? Jessica Meek, Globe BIkes


Ignite Bikes is brought you by Dahon, REI, Textura Design, and Metafilter.

See you at 4:30 PM, 9/23 this Thursday at the Interbike Media Center. We will record and share the presenations with you after the show.

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