Fixed Friday:  Masi Chupacabra, ‘lil Sister, Dutch Bike

On Fridays I like to ride my Fixie in different Seattle neighborhoods. Yesterday was Phinney Ridge, where a nice bike lane passes by the local pubs and shops.

I spotted some interesting bikes.

Masi Chupacabra

Fixed Friday:  Masi Chupacabra

Outside a burrito joint.

‘lil Sister

Fixed Friday: 'lil Sister

Saw this ride by earlier and the dude was like 250 pounds.

Dutch Bike

Fixed Friday: Dutch Bike Seattle

That’s a Workcycles Kruisframe Step-through, from Dutch Bike Seattle with all sorts of options and noseup saddle.

Also noticed:

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Noticed this week: Bike Share, Lance, Levi, Twitter Saves Cyclists, Cargo, Wheeldom

Tried to take some time off this week at Hugga HQ, but the news kept happening, as I tweeted:

Weird day. Tour of CO announced & a politician says bikeshare is a plot. Levi is implicated in a book & Tour of UT announces he’s riding.

Lance Investigation

According to the media, Lance has relocated to Aspen and brought a stage race with him; meanwhile the PR message from his attorney is that dopers are liars and get sweetheart deals. Prosecutor responds with, “we’ve got more than Landis.”

Levi Implicated

Same day that Levi is implicated in a new book (Guaranteed Positive) from a former Directeur Sportif of Gerstoleiner, the Tour of Utah announces he’s riding. Levi has had no formal response, but was spotted changing his RoadID tag from: “‘whatever, man’ to ‘lean ‘n’ clean’”

Social Media Saves Cyclist

ABC World News reports on a cyclist who got lost and injured during a triathlon and tweeted for help. We wondered why she had her phone with her during a race? Glad you got saved, but disconnect sometimes or leave the location services check in until after the bike leg.

Recommend a Bike Bag

New photos from the Recommend a Bike Bag group pool on Flickr include this Chrome Bag from jkaizo

Bilobicles latest

Bilobicles Bag

and some Velocouture from Jan Beeldrijk

180 Brompton & Michel

We’ve accumulated many bags; at least enough to match each bike we own and type of riding. Our fav is the Hugga Bag, of course.

How about you? What’s your fav bag these days?

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Roadside Find: Odd Statue

This statue is outside of the Metal Shorts building in West Seattle and we can’t figure out what its purpose was – neither can the owners. They’ve got it for sale and will accept a reasonable offer. We went through various scenarios of what we’d do with it, like turn it into a fountain or run with it during a stage of le Tour.

Ideas on what the statue did include:

  • Sold work boots
  • Pointed out new safety features of metal buildings
  • Paul Bunyan’s sister?

Not sure, but a clue is that she’s got a speaker in her hip.

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Moto Mount

Look close, cause that’s a motorcycle bike mount using a crutch . ..

Moto Mount Closeup

For a less improvised mount, see the 2x2 photo.

Uploaded by Hugger Industries | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

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