Sexy Dahon MPLS

Spotted in downtown MPLS. We’ll see more Dahons and Neon in Vegas this September during the Mobile Social Interbike Remix.

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A Cycling Philosophy

Many of us into the bike view it as a way of life, even a religion, and a new book takes that further into the discussion of a philosophy. Robert Jolly tipped me to a Psychology Today article about Cycling - Philosophy for Everyone: A Philosophical Tour de Force that asks if Lance Armstrong is a success based on Philosopher Thomas Morris theories, which he calls the 3-D Approach to Life:

  1. Discover your positive talents.
  2. Develop the most meaningful and beneficial of those talents.
  3. Deploy your talents into the world for the good of others and yourself.


It’s interesting take, another angle on Lance, and worthy of discussion on your next bike ride. My guess is the bike is already part of your philosphy. Hopefully you can also find success and do good with it.

A Slow Bike Race

Besides the bike culture and new Novaras at Carnivelo, they do fun stuff like this slow bike race. The rules: slow as you can ride, feet on pedals, no track standing.

The Start

Carnivelo 2010: World's Slowest Bike Race


Carnivelo 2010: World's Slowest Bike Race


Carnivelo 2010: World's Slowest Bike Race

Novara 2011 Preview

Visited REI HQ yesterday for Carnivelo, a celebration of bike culture and a preview of Novara’s 2011 line. Highlights include:

Single Speed

novara_2011 1.jpg

Mixed feelings on the combination of colors with a minimalist single speed, but still a nice bike and Novara’s take is to do a single speed without a flat bar or ridiculously uncomfortable drop. It has bottle cage bosses too.


novara_2011 3.jpg

With the exception of their folding bike, the urban line is all steel like this one. That’s a good industry trend to forego crap aluminum for steel.


novara_2011 2.jpg

Seeing this, I said, “don’t tease, build this please.”

We’ll have more details as this line gets finalized. REI is also returning to Interbike with us this year, as a sponsor of the Mobile Social Interbike Remix.

More Carnivelo photos on Flickr.

Chicago Mini Velo

Where to begin? … chained to a plastic newspaper bin, mini velo, bag over giant saddle, oversized produce rack. Wonder who rides this and what they do cause that bike is so funky, it’s cool.

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