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How they Roll

While we debate kits v. plain clothes and some are riding in tweed as the new old thing, dude shows up at the local Tuesday worlds racing in gym shorts and a tee.

how_they_roll_ 2.jpg

He’s got series points.

Meanwhile, Jeremy made this silly pig-and-a-top hat helmet cover.

how_they_roll_ 1.jpg

Our Hoodie and More Gifts

A photo looking downstairs at a Hugga Boo Hoodie.


The Hoodies are a bamboo blend, very comfortable, and on sale with the rest of our gear for 25% off. We’ve also featuring more Fathers Day gifts in our Amazon Affiliate store.

Vintage Style…or not

Bikes PopMech_0003 copy.jpg


p>I stumbled upon this vintage Popular Mechanics magazine from 1973. Wooooooo, funny. Most of the bikes in the article would make me cringe if I saw them coming into the shop for service today. I have no nostalgia for cottered cranks and steel rims. The one really nice bike pictured, a Schwinn Paramount on the cover, had “suicide levers” on it, thereby broadcasting the owner’s newb-status. And the clothes! This is the early 70s, but if you watch the documentary Stars and Water Carriers, Felice Gimondi and Ole Ritter on the Bianchi team look so suave at the ‘73 Giro d’Italia…whether in team kit, casual, or a suit. I guess that would be the difference between Europe and America. Makes me wish I was there in Italy back then.

But these guys…not so suave. However, if the guy above had a moustache and some thick plastic rimmed glasses, he would look at home on any Friday night on Pike & Broadway on the hill. When you see him tomorrow night outside the ChaCha, make sure you buy him a drink:


p> Ranier beer fan .jpg

Garmin Connect Exposes Data

Google Chrome.png

In the trend of social-media-sites sharing people’s data, The Register is running an article that points out that the Garmin Connect website makes ride data public by default. What’s the big deal? Well potentially (since you don’t have to log in to see the rides posted on Garmin Connect) a burglar could look for people in their area who always ride at the same time, and burgle their house.

I’m not sure this is a really huge issue, after all most people are working during the day, so not really home anyhow, but it’s another good reminder that if you don’t want the world to know what you’re doing, don’t tell the ‘net. And check your privacy settings on any social tool you use before you start sharing data.

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