Maybe the Industry Understands Women Just Fine?

Remember the other day when I was complaining about how the bike industry doesn’t understand women and how buying a bike is intimidating to some? Color me wrong. Just got a tweet about this and clearly everyone is now on the same page about the topic of women and cycling.

Can’t Stand the Rain (today)

There’s a point in the season, even for us Pacific Northwest cyclists, when we’re done with riding in the rain. That time is now.


For the commuters that commuter, even when it’s not Bike to Work Day, they just put their rain shoes on and heads down. For racers, it’s especially unpleasant. It’s not that we’re pussies, or hard, or not determined. It’s that we’ve been doing it now since last October!

Wheel Crushed by a Bus

So what happened was

Andrew was sitting behind the articulation point on a bus, with a new rim in a wheelbag, and the bus took a right turn. The wheelbag was captured in the articulation point between the seats and the wheel was compressed as the bus turned.

Andrew nearly lost a finger trying to pull it free.


Likely made a horrific sound as well.

Huggacast 139: Stage Race

We spent a day at a local race. In its 15th year, the Mutual of Enumclaw Stage Race attracted record numbers and some nasty weather. Highlights include James Stangleand from the Keller Rohrback Cycling team explaining to us why he doesn’t like Mud Mountain.


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Born in the U.S.A.

From the Hot Dudes on Bikes group pool.

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