All the Money on the Front Line

As Joe said, “look at that, all the money is on the front line.”


And this is a Cat 4 race. 2 aluminum wheels in the front of the starting line, 3 in the second row, and mostly aluminum in the 3rd.

Middle-aged career woman walks into a bike shop ...

Checked in with Jacquie Phelan about women and cycling. She said her opinion was best expressed in this cartoon created by her and Greta Snider in 1993.


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Chain Case

Minimal chain maintenance and long chain life since it remains clean and lubricated for long periods. Clean clothes and no need to secure trouser legs are also plusses – WorkCycles

Uploaded by henry in a’dam | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.


Several captions apply to this photo, but the strongest conclusion is these guys were from out of town.


Because in the rain, without a rain bike, your bike and body are going to get soaked in about 3 seconds. Didn’t shoot video, but if I did, you’d see the plastic all flapping and tattered and sounding like, well, plastic bags flapping in the wind.

Noticed this Week: Women, LaHood, Racing

The topic of the week was women and cycling …


Props to Lahood

Ray Lahood was honored in DC for his bike awesomeness. Note the faces in the crowd. Do the cyclist you ride with look like that?

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