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Just heard this family cargo bike is coming to the States – got a email out to Henry to verify that it’s “awesome” or “the suck.” Looks like another take on Bakfiets.

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Bike Spotting

I spent a beautiful week in Scotland recently on a video shoot and kept my eyes peeled for bikes. Flying Scotsman and all that, right?

In nine days I saw exactly four bicycles. Incredibly pastoral lands, mostly flat, great roads, beautiful people, whisky. Four bikes. What’s up with that Scotland?

I did find this massive bike shed at one of the hotels we used as a location shoot, I love that it’s also the location for milk delivery. And that milk is still delivered.

I’m thinking of doing a ride on the islands of Orkney in Scotland. Who’s in?

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Harden the F#$k Up

The thing about bike racing, touring, being a weekend warrior, or anything that pushes limits is how humbling it is. Get spit out the back of a peloton going 34 MPH or dropped on a climb and you get in touch with yourself and what you can do right quick. You either give up, keep going, or collect yourself for another day. @BenKing89 was in a pile up and raced 140KMs with this


and is now heading to the hospital for stitches. Likely was forced to do that by his Team Manager or he’d have just tended to it with superglue.

Tweed Run Suit

At some point, we expected cyclists wouldn’t have to dig through their closest or shop the vintage store to acquire the proper kit for a Tweed Ride.

Cottage industries supplying a niche of a niche? Sure and more, according to an article published today by Bike Biz.

The Tweed Run - a ride in London with cyclists on vintage machines - has helped to spark interest in the traditional Scottish woollen fabric.

We rode tweed in Vancouver during the Winter Olympics, in techical wool from Ibex, cause that’s how we roll, but you can look like Gary Fisher if you want. Shop at Dashing Tweeds and we suggest you bespoke it blingy or steampunk.

Interbike 2009 122.jpg

Note: Gary will drink keg beer with you too, just invite him to the party, and prepare to hear all about 29ers.

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Bicycling With Parkinson

You never forget how to ride a bicycle and the NY Times reports a doctor has discovered Parkinson’s patients can somehow ride without symptoms.

“He said, ‘Just yesterday I rode my bicycle for 10 kilometers’ – six miles,” Dr. Bloem said. “He said he rides his bicycle for miles and miles every day.”

While cycling is connected to Cancer via Lance Armstrong and Livestrong, another great athlete and charity is Davis Phinney. He’s afflicted with Parkinsons and his son just won a World Championship. I never saw Davis race, but did meet him at Interbike a few years ago and expect this news to cheer those at his charity and the people they help.

More on bikes and Parkinsons from the Cleveland clinic in the video below. A doctor there put patients on tandems in 2008

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