New Socks

Our new 2010 socks are available in our Store (clothing section) and shipping now. They are made for us by Hincapie and feature 200-needle construction for comfort and performance. The socks are white, gray, and light without being too “thin.” An Olefin/Nylon blend provides moisture control and the hidden toe seam is comfortable for long rides or walking around town. 80% nylon, 16% Olefin, 4% Lycra.

The socks are available in small-mediun and large-x-large, unisex, high cut, and sell for $9.99 USD.

New Socks

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Bike My Way App

 bike_my_way.png A new GPS app for cyclists was released earlier this week and our first response is good. We’ve been underwhelmed by most cycling apps and didn’t like Bike Your Drive very much. Bike My Way records your rides and you can annotate waypoints with photos and notes. The best feature is the export to GPX files that you can them import into other apps, including Aperture 3 and then apply that track to your photos.

While the app will record your entire ride, we likely wouldn’t do that to spare the battery. Instead, just record waypoints along the ride.

We’ll use this with our Biologic iPhone mount when we ride the Mobile Social in Portland during Webvisions next month. Bike My Way is available in the iTunes Store for 1.99. It only works with the 3G and 3Gs phones.

Big Butts or Lack Thereof

Asked this on Twitter today and Facebook

Why do women think cycling makes their butts fat?

and the replies came in like this

  • danceralamode: WHAT? Cycling gave me my tight ass! I don’t know who thinks that it makes UR butt fat. That’s just silly.
  • GraphikDeziner: Very true. But all my hard work doesn’t show in 90% of the technical apparell I have
  • kee73 Cycling didn’t make my butt fat but instead actually gave me one where there wasn’t any before! Sa-weet!
  • L. Lisa Lawrence: I happen to like my round girlie cyclist butt. Women are supposed to have butts. Personally I like the fact that cycling rounds it and lifts it up. That looks much better than a flabby flat butt.


This Bike is NOT a Pipe Bomb (Again, really)

As Mark V wrote in 2006, the punk-folk band this Bike Is A Pipe Bomb has been in the news periodically for stickers on bikes that say, “this bike is a pipe bomb.” Bomb squads get called in, cyclists get arrested, and so on.


Photo: Jeff Moser/

Last week, prior to the arrival of Obama’s motorcade, the NYPD clipped locks and rounded up bikes, suspected of being bombs

The bikes were unceremoniously put in the back of the truck. Onlookers were not given information as to what would become of the bikes.


Photo: Rafcard

No word if any of those bikes had the infamous sticker on it, but cyclists were likely removing their Obama Spoke Cards. That’s if they ever got their bike backs.

Fender Detail

One day in our retirement years, we’ll find a bike like this at a garage sale and restore it.

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