Bahati Chop

In stock car racing, they bump and with bikes it’s chopping

Bahati loses his cool and throws his glasses at the “chopper” train

In Case you Missed: Privacy, Calves, Vino

In case you missed it over the weekend …

Spotted a new San Marco Saddle

San Marco Regale


Road Map Calves

Road Map Calves

if you see calves like that, it usually indicates a pain cave waiting to open up on a climb and suck you into a dark, lonely place where it hurts.

Cooked with an iPad

Cooking with iPad

the iPad has found its usefulness as a cookbook.

and discussed Vino’s Liege-Bastogne-Liege win at length on a ride. Also wondered if anyone has eaten silica gel and there’s a new iPhone GPS app for cyclists.

Pouch Candy

Looks like the shop got some cellphone pouches and they come with a
yummy treat…oh, wait it’s a good thing the pack says "do not eat" because people expect a pouch to come with candy.

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Saturday in the Park

Killing some time on a beautiful Saturday in New York City, I headed to Washington Square Park, where I ran into what looked like an alley cat but really was a marketing event for a low-carbon-footprint restaurant.

Saturday in the Park

Ironically, Otarian restaurant left a big pile of coupon books all over the ground in their wake. Cause 20% off combo meals and fixies go together like dogs and American flags. Or something.

Noticed this Week: Flat packs, Facebook, Volcanoes, Liz Hatch Cover Girl

Flat Pack Cardboard


Whenever a package arrives looking like this, we get panicked about damage. Especially when it’s a bike.

Do Not Like Facebook


Sorry, our future of the web is not owned by Facebook.

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