Burley Travoy: Urban Commuter Trailer

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No Bikes in the Bike Lane

It’s cyclists v. construction on Alaskan Way and by the Stadia in Seattle. Bike lanes to danger, railroad tracks, and misleading signage that puts you onto a overpass that isn’t complete.

No Bikes in Bike Lane

A Hardhat put this sign up after our "conversation" about the Bike Lane to Danger. Before I rode over it, 5 cyclists came the other way. It’s encouraging to have the bike lane on this new overpass and it’s likely a new urban sprint spot that winds up from Royal Brougham, bypassing all the game-day traffic. However in the interim, it’s presenting cyclists with all sorts of hazards.

The issue is that bike advocacy in Seattle has drawn a line in the sand over Stone Way and the Missing Link while everyday, elsewhere in the city, cyclists ride in these conditions.

Death Pedal: Fixie Freestyle

Just was saying

We’re waiting for, and still haven’t seen, any freestyle fixie tricks better than Neidert’s from a hundred years ago!

Death Pedal is working on that situation and so is Keo Curry. We’ll see the Redline Urbis soon and expect to have it with us at the The Bicycle Show and Webvisions.

Also see Heavy Pedal. Maybe we’ll launch MEGA PEDAL in this niche…

Carbon Folder

One of the bike travel rules is to never travel with, or limit, the amount of carbon you pack in a case. This bike folds, but we wouldn’t recommend it for travel. The Vellix costs $2600 and weights 15 pounds.


Note: our Dahon Mu EX weighs 20 and the SL weights 18 pounds without any crazy carbon. The Brompton, don’t even weight it, cause it’s iron-age heavy, but whatever.

Do like how it resembles Trek’s Y Bike.

What The?

Don’t know either, but have been studying this photo from Tokyo Fixed Gear.


It’s like a reverse penny farthing. Also see this take on that.


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