The New Entrepreneurs

Cover of Honolulu weekly. Story is about entrepreneurs In the city. This is Brandon Reid. He owns two businesses in Chinatown.

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Hell of the North Ride

An Ultan Coyle graphic for Rapha’s Paris Roubaix ride.

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Hed Wheels: Custom Stinger 90

As reader bpotstra said on Flickr, “those are some insanely nice wheels dudes!”

Hed Wheels: Stinger 90s with DA Track Hubs

Mark V explains the build in this video.

A Barbed Wire Ride

In this photo from Reuters Pictures, a man walks with his bicycle along barbwire blocking a road near Vice President’s office in Jakarta. Anti-government protesters will rally Thursday to mark the first 100 days of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s second term.


I noticed the bike is a Dahon and can’t say our commutes or rides on folding bikes have been interrupted by barbed wire. We’ve certainly seen our share of interestingness, including paved-over Hudongs in China, like the ones NYT just wrote about. Also saw the contrasts of wealth and poverty in India during our Mobile Social Worldwide.

Is it still raining in SoCal?

Cause this old-school tricycle freakbike has got the flooded intersection problem solved for you. Just add a canopy and you can wear your work clothes. This pneumatic tire beast, definitely one-ups the Cyclomer.

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