Bike Hugger at Cross Nationals This Weekend

We’re packing bags to head out and shoot the Cyclocross Nationals this weekend in Bend, Or. We’re looking forward to the arctic temperatures and the snow–that’s what all ‘cross races are like, right?

If you see us lugging around camera gear, come say hello, and look forward to our coverage this weekend from the course.

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Cycling Caps: Flowers, Nylon, Wool, Tweed

We collect cycling caps, have different ones for every occasion, and like this one with flowers quite well. It’s made by luce goods.

Also see our Nylon Caps

Bike Hugger Cap

Team Radio Shack Madone

Trek uploaded photos of the Team Radio Shack Madone to Facebook today.


That’s a custom-painted 2010 Madone with Bontrager wheels and gear. Featuring integrated DuoTrap sensors a Bontrager’s Node computer.

During our trip to TrekWorld earlier this year we saw those frames being built and here’s a post on the wheels. They’re designed by Hed.

That paint scheme is reminiscent of the Stages collection and we wish Team Radio Shack’s kit looked that good.

More photos on Flickr. Also see:

Wheel Designs I Hate: Nipples in the Hub

For some reason the past month I’ve been dealing with wheels a lot. I’ve been building a lot of custom wheels and repairing a lot of wheel systems. It’s made what I like and dislike very clear in my mind.

Shimano's stupid spoke:nipple design.jpg

Shimano isn’t the only wheelmaker to use this “innovation”: placing the nipples at the hub rather than the rim. Shimano is the most poplar one out there, though. The usual excuse for this is that removing the nipples from the rim reduces rotational inertia of the wheel. What it really does is make truing the wheel a bitch. It’s difficult to get the wrench (which is usually proprietary) into the nest of spokes, and then the arc of the wrenching motion is limited by the same cluster of spokes. And for non-radial lacing, the actual truing of the wheel seems unnatural because the problem area of the rim is offset from the nipple that would have an effect.

Video of the 2009 Oregon Manifest Construtor’s Design Challenge

Nicely produced, very informative video about the recent Oregon Manifest design challenge and ride. 30+ hand made bikes, submitted for judging on design then ridden 77 miles on and off road. Some great bikes in the lot…

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