Spotted this Bridgestone in a camera shop – wish I’d had a better camera with me and also that Bridgestone would make a comeback. This bike rivals any urban or commuter of today and check that cool light.


I’m not schooled enough in Bridgestones to know what model this is – it didn’t say anywhere on the tubes.


Just a Technart label and Bridgestone.


India: Posse

Where we hang out in front of coffee shops and pubs, these two chill at a roadside market in India. Ya know watching the world go by and the occasional tourist with a camera.

Mobile Social Worldwide: India

More photos from the India stop in our Mobile Social Worldwide are in this photoset. Scroll down to the bottom photos. Videos and huggacasts to follow.

Lance Eats Scones—Raises Millions


This morning I was out on a shakedown cruise on a new bike and forgot to bring my phone with me. That’s a shame as a friend was busy trying to alert me to the fact that Lance was stopped in the town below the trail I was on, eating a scone.

When I talked to my friends at the local shop hours after this had transpired, I asked if Lance had stopped by them. My grumpy-ass mechanic friend replied. “Who gives a shit?”

Who? Well any of the people that will benefit from the $1.3M raised last night for the Livestrong Foundation in the auction of Lance’s art bikes. Anyone who won’t be scared and alone because of their help.

Or the millions of people who enjoyed watching him race the Tour, who then went out to local bike shops like the ones my friend works at and bought bikes–thereby insuring his paycheck.

I get that people don’t like the guy, but you gotta’ admit, he’s accomplished things. Hell, I’ve met him and scads of bike racers and even if I don’t like them, I’m still interested enough to care if they walked into my workplace.

Heck, even if you’re on the “he must have doped” train he seems worth meeting to me. I’d be interested in meeting A-Rod even though I don’t follow baseball and I know he doped. You can pump me full of gamma radiation and I’m still not going to hit as many home runs. And I’m not going to be able to raise a cool million greenbacks in a single auction.

Hugga Hats are in!

While we were traveling, Hincapie shipped us the new hats. These are nylon (wash and wear) and will sell for $9.99. We like traditional cotton hats too, but not when you wash them twice and they start to fall apart. Tested one all Summer – wash, dry, and wear them.

Uploaded by Hugger Industries | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Building Trucks with Bikes

In our travels and Mobile Socials, we’ve seen bikes used as transportation, but not to this extent. Bikes at India truckstops are used to deliver goods and services and form a trucking ecosystem. They build trucks with bikes.

Truck Parts

Mobile Social Worlwide: India Truckstop

As we walked around the stop, various bikes would pass us with their loads. Need a new pair of pants or have your pants ironed? The merchants with bikes and carts have it.

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