Your Bike is Freedom Tee

Chris Mahan, bike racer, Man about Town, and designer for Novara will screenprint this graphic to tees during the Hugga Holiday Sale @uBRDO this week.

Your Bike is Freedom Tee

Useful Objects: a Bike Saddle

Saddle.jpg Design Real is a gallery show at the Serpentine in London that celebrates useful objects. It’s curated by Konstantin Grcic and designed in collaboration with Alex Rich and Lehni.

The relevance a product has to our life lies not only in its use, but also in how far we identify with it. A good product becomes part of our culture.

Included in the show is the bicycle saddle with a review of the history, types, anatomy, and more. Interesting that Design Real just didn’t grab items from the shelf and turn them into a “show,” but studies how useful they are and why.

Toy.jpg The curators include the toy LIKEaBIKE Racer as well. The Independent reviews the show giving it 4 of 5 stars.

eVent Jacket: rethinking layering

Second only to our wheel fetish is the one for technical wear. I’ve got it down to a science, what I wear on the bike, and have been practicing it for more than 15 years. In the Northwest, you’re going to get wet, soaked actually. The challenge is staying warm but not too warm and sweaty. Enter eVent and it’s mixed up what I’m layering and how many layers. Where I’d wear 4 layers with Windtex it’s now 2 with eVent and the best choice for the base layer I’m still working on. Wool or synthetic or both.

A post about eVent needed some research and I’ve ridden with the George Signature eVent Shell a handful of times now in various conditions. I spent time with the Google reading up on eVent, watching videos on YouTube, and Snow Hugger reviewed the REI Shuksan Jacket last year. Also read about how rainwear works.

The eVent material isn’t new. It just hasn’t been focused on or marketed to performance cyclists. Descente has a Bobby Julich shell made with eVent but I’ve never seen one and it’s no longer available. What changed is GE bought eVent and they switched tactics to allow venders to purchase their membrane directly. I expect to see more eVent jackets in the coming seasons like this REI prototype.


Raleigh Olympian

Don’t know if anyone has ever studied what old bikes people still ride, but Raleigh has to top the list. See them everywhere.

Uploaded by Hugger Industries | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Cannondale Dutchess

Just posted video of the Cannondale Duchess in our Community and stopped short of dismissing this prototype as yet another design-school cad drawing that’ll never get made despite all the blog posts.


Bicycle Design posted at length on the Dutchess and you can find more in the links after the jump.

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