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More from the Bike Works NYC Saddle archive. Carbon saddle from Roues Artisanales.

Hot Stepper

From the what’s old is new department and odd, comes this Stepper seen on Hong Kong Fixed.


Every year another type of stepper will get invented, we saw them at Interbike and of course in the gym.

Bicycle v. (insert vehicle here)

Another Bicycle v. (insert vehicle name here) went down and, as our readers would expect, the bike wins! This time it was a helicopter in Sao Paulo.

What we’d love to see is a semi trailer v. cargo bike. A UPS run for the day? Each holiday UPS delivers with bikes. We’ve had

Taiwan 2009: Taroko National Park

We were in Taroko National Park, descending from the marble-walled gorge to the Pacific Ocean, when we pulled off to visit the Eternal Spring Shrine, built to commemorate the workers who died building the Central Cross-Island Highway. Unfortunately, recent fallen rock (probably due to typhoon swelled rainfall) closed the access to the shrine. We weren’t the only ones disappointed, as there were several tour buses of Taiwanese school children who were also denied entrance. Well, they might have just been there for the restroom access before the walkway to the shrine. The kids freaked out when they saw us crazy Westerners on bikes. After a lot of hand gestures, I coaxed them into posing with my Davidson BMX bike.

Toroko descent.jpg

Taiwan 2009: Descending Yamingshan Mtn

Fellow Taiwan 2009 attendee Saam Gabbay pulled this still from a AVI video of us descending Yamingshan Mountain outside of Taipei. Bike Huggers at speed! Note that I’m descending on my nutty Davidson BMX bike. That was one STEEP road climb.

Yangmingshan mtn.jpg

10km past the summit we checked into the Tien Lai hot springs resort. And then another decadent Chinese dinner, followed by hot springs. Too tired to describe the experience properly…this hotel is freaking sweet. Check back later for a longer description….maybe with the video of this still.

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