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Yes! YoXo tweeted about a human-powered monorail fun ride …

That looks like more fun than the Skycycle in Japan.

Small Bike Business

NYT profiles Hambone Designs. They make bicycle bags for keys, wallets, and cellphones. The owner Mrs Grillos started the business after her contract position at Willams-sonoma was not renewed.


In Seattle, Bike So Good recently opened as repair shop. The shops we’re talking to have adjusted and doing ok. That’s not great, like years past, but ok.

Your Bike Business

Included in our coverage of Interbike next month (the bike industry’s big trade show), we want to focus on the small business. Tell us what you’re doing. Did you get laid of from some big corp and are making something interesting our bikes must have?

See the $4.99 MessengerMirror as an example of what we want to blog about.

Fendi Bike and more Velocouture

The fashion blogs lit up like blinky lights this Spring when Fendi featured the Abici Amante Donna bike in their Craft Punk event and later at a in-store cocktail party.


Like I was saying during my Bike Culture preso @gnomedex, that’s a whole other thing: velocouture. The Fendi bike was featured in Vogue, Womens Wear Daily and again this week when they released more photos.

model_bike.jpg Where some would be quick to diss a 9K bike, we’re all for it because bikes transcend sharrows, alley cats, parking lot crits, and are smack dab in the middle of pop culture. Chanel has offered a bike, DKNY, and earlier this year there was a FIT fashion contest.

Helmet Fail | Not Fail

From the Fail Blog

fail owned pwned pictures

and more likely he’s a student moving out or into an apartment and wearing a mesh garbage can on his head for convenience instead of protection. While we were in Madsion, I spotted a bike with fan attached.

Now fashioning a helmet into a cigarette with an ashtray bike, that’s a win! Besides making a statement, there’s a considerable crush zone.


Photo: Getty. Spotted in the Daylife stream.

These Handlebars Are Safe

These bars have been outside the REI in Chatsworth for ages. They are the most secure handlebars in America. The bike they were attached to? Location unknown.

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