ElevenGear turns race numbers into jackets

You’re an old time racer and you’ve got a stack of Tyvek race numbers to prove it. But your significant other doesn’t consider them to be tasteful wall art. What are you gonna do? You could wear them.

I stumbled upon ElevenGear’s Race Number Windbreaker. You send them 50 race numbers and 220 bucks, and they sew them into jacket. Brilliant! Those Tyvek numbers are brutally strong, of course they’d lend themselves to recycling!

You specify the size (XS-3XL), and if you don’t have quite enough numbers ElevenGear can fill it out with generic numbers for another $10.

ElevenGear race number jacket.jpg

In Memoriam - Susan Nelson


I never met Susan, nor did most of the thousands and thousands of people who were touched by her. Susan, wife of Elden Nelson, the blogger behind the incredible FatCyclist.com, passed away yesterday surrounded by friends and family.

Elden was kind enough, over these last years, to open up his life to strangers and to blog not just about cycling (as was his original mission) but about the struggles and trials faced by Susan and his family as they all battled an extremely aggressive form of cancer.

Susan, through Elden’s brave words inspired thousands to take up the fight against cancer and as a result more than half-a-million dollars have been raised for the Livestrong foundation. That one person could inspire so much generosity is staggering, and it’s a legacy that will live forever. She will touch the lives of thousands more who are engaged in the fight against cancer and those who support them.

On behalf of BikeHugger and the whole cycling community, we send our thoughts and love to Elden and his family. We’re also urging readers of BikeHugger to visit FatCyclist.com and leave a comment for Elden.

Finally, a few days ago Elden announced a giveaway of an Orbea with Di2 for those who donate to his (or their own) Team Fatty team in the Livestrong challenge. Personally, if I win, I’m going to auction the bike and give the proceeds to LiveStrong in Susan’s name, but it’s a super-generous prize dedicated to a great cause. Information on donating and entering is here.

Please remember as you go out and ride over the next days, months and years that there are so many out there who have and who are fighting a battle just like Susan’s, and how much they need our support. That will be the most lasting tribute to Susan I can think of.

I’m a GearHead


Here at BikeHugger we like playing with bikes and bike gear as much as we like riding. I think there’s something about bikes that’s just plain sexy. Now that we’ve been publishing for three years and have a great collection of product reviews (and now that I’m onboard to manage products at BikeHugger) we’ve decided to build out a page as a go-to location for all of our product reviews.

Just click the Gear link on the navigation bar or point your browser at bikehugger.com/gear to find all of our product reviews. It’ll take us a while to go back and tag everything so that it shows up in the listing, but all of our newer reviews are already there.

Vino4Evvs! Vino+Astana BFF.


In this oddly soundtracked French interview with Alexander Vinokourov on Mecanix-tv.com, the doper racer is seen wearing new Astana kit with “Vino 4-ever!” on it.

Odd capitalization issues of the slogan aside, why exactly would anyone really want that written on a jersey? Perhaps he’s trying out this bonne mot for a spate of yearbook autographs.

In any case, the video is in French and I’m just going to warn you right now that the music in the intro will make you want to punch yourself in the spleen. Hard.

While my French is a bit rusty, I believe that what the caption under the video says is

A scoop for Top Bike: An exclusive interview with a lying doper, Alexander Vinokourov. Mechanix-TV has followed around the Kazak as he trains on the Madone [the mountain not the bike] to skirt UCI anti-doping rules.

Accompanied by his mechanic and friend Andrei Medunitsa, he practices concealing his EPO use with a catheter supplied by Maxim magazine and Valentin Iglinskiy. Some other guy in this video was partying on Team Astana, while being bossed around by Johan Bruyneel.

I’m not entirely sure about the camera work on the lead-off to this video and the loving camera pans, but I’m pretty sure that Vino wants to go to prom with me.

No Brakes ATL Wall

A custom wall mount display for high-end track frames for No Brakes ATL.

Uploaded by People of Resource | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

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