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Found this reading our friend Rich Kelly’s Interbike Blog:

iPhone Bike Fitting App!

iPhone App iPhone App

I’m not even and iPhone user, but this seems pretty darn cool. Who knows how accurate it is on that small screen and picking the points with your finger, but I like the idea anyway.

Big George Brings it Home

Bike Hugger spent the weekend at the USPro race in Greenville, South Carolina and were on hand when George Hincapie brought home his third championship win. The crowds were ecstatic at George’s win and it was a great day for US cycling in general.

We spent a good amount of time with the Mavic neutral service team and with the enthusiastic crowds and have lots of shots up on the BikeHugger Flickr site, and running commentary on Twitter stream.

And as a special note, look forward to some ‘Cross interaction between Hincapie and BikeHugger. More details soon.

10% At-Fault

From the Examiner: “Study claims cyclists at fault in only 10 percent of crashes”

Interesting little article on the actual at-fault rates for bicycle/vehicle collisions. It seems that cyclists are, generally not at fault in these collisions. It doesn’t make them less painful, but it was somewhat reassuring to see that the cyclists whipping through traffic aren’t the ones getting into accidents.

USPro: Feed Zone Guy


Feed Zone Guy is armed and at the ready with feed bags – if it weren’t for great volunteers like him, it wouldn’t be possible to have domestic road races.

New York City’s Magic Folding Helmet


Trying to get more cyclists to ride with helmets in an urban environment seems like a losing battle–after all, how can you claim to be a hipster with a head covered in awkward polystyrene?

In an effort to increase the use of lids, NYC has teamed up with design folks Fuseproject to create a new helmet that could be integrated with a free bike program in the city. A two-piece design, the helmet is made of a standard shell with a customizable fabric outer layer. The vents, unfortunately are BMX-sized so they’ll not be terribly breathable but it’s a nice concept. We’re looking forward to seeing shell designs on really soon.

There’s no official pricing on the helmets, but the city is giving them out at “community events” around the city.

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