Byron Bike with Buddy Flap

KarlOnSea tweeted a photo of a Byron Bike with a Bike Hugger Buddy Flap – don’t know why that bike says Lord Byron on it, but like it ALOT.

Bonus for the buddy flaps!


Campy Wheelsets Goes Two Ways


As a big fan of Hutchinson Tubeless Tires, I’m thrilled to see the continued march toward standardization as more and more companies adopt the 2-way clincher/tubeless rim system.

Current we’re riding a set of Hutch tubeless on a pair of super-smooth Fulcrum wheels (a full review coming soon) but these Campy Eurus (as in “they cost a ton of Euros”) will come in the 2-way flavor, and weigh in at about 1500 grams. That’s not the lightest set in the tubeless mix, but it does certainly have more Campy graphics than any other wheelset.

RockaRolla Riding

The band “Bicycle” rode from New York to Seattle in 1995. They did? We need a where are they now for these guys.

Uploaded by Adventure Cycling Association | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Old Time Messenger

An Oliver Twist delivery service.

Uploaded by fixedgear | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Hot Weather Riding Tips

With the temperatures getting into the hundreds here in Seattle, we’re following up on our post from yesterday on what to wear in the heat. This post will focus on hot weather riding tips. Last night, we raced at the local Tuesday Night Worlds and I had the “hot, go hard heaves” issue. Fully hydrated, rested, and ate right – it was just like 120 degrees on the track and I was near puking. Hugga was Hella Hot and just stayed on the wheels. Post ride I drank water, ate well, and chilled.

You may not race your bike in this heat, but just the same you can get yourself into trouble.

Hydration, Heatstroke, Bonk

We’ll avoid the pedantic local-news-type tips on the need to drink water, you know that. For cycling, your urine should be clear before the ride and if you stop sweating or get the chills during, it’s likely you’ve overheated. Best thing to do is stop, get into the shade, and drink water. We avoid sugary drinks in the heat. Drink one a few hours before or after, but during can get you stomach cramps right quick. We also eat light on the hottest days.

If you’re not riding more than 2 hours, you’ll have plenty of calories in your system.

You’ll hear Phil and Paul say this during le Tour, about how the stomach reacts to the heat especially when you drink super cold water or a lot of it. We just sip and frequently.

If you bonk (no more energy) get yourself to 7-11 for a Coke.There’s a reason the pros do that in le Tour and it has saved us several times. Don’t know chemically why it works so well, probably just all the sugar, but Coca-Cola has magical bonk recovery powers.

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