Seattle Cyclist Jose Hernando Dies

Jose Hernando has died from injuries sustained in an accident with a van on Lake Washington Blvd in Seattle last week. Hernando was a member of Team Cucina Fresca and raced in the master men’s division. He was 44 and leaves behind his wife, Chanel, and two children.

“Jose was on a training ride on his bike Friday early evening when he was struck by a van on Lake Washington Blvd near Seward Park. He was taken to Harborview with critical injuries and underwent many hours of surgery on his spine and other injuries very early Saturday morning.”

Hernando’s family is writing about the accident, his death, and the memorial over the weekend on the Caring Bridge website.

Biking Bis and the Rainier Valley Post have posted about the accident and death as well. Details are not clear, but the accident may have been a “left hook.”

Kevin Black was killed in an accident in Ballard with a van earlier this year.

Condolences to the family from the staff here at Bike Hugger.

Damien Hirst Butterfly Bike

Lance is riding the Damien Hirst bike into Paris. Nicknamed the Butterfly Bike, the specially-decaled Madone is part of the Stages series of bikes. Lance has ridden Art Bikes from Stages all year and will auction them with the proceeds benefiting Livestrong.

damien_hirst_bike.jpg Photo uploaded by bikes.trek. More Stages bikes on Flickr.

We posted on the Butterfly earlier in le Tour. This Art Bike is proving controversial with animal rights activists complaining about the dead butterflies used on the bike.

In the past, Damien Hirst has suspended a shark in formaldehyde.

“Hirst bred the butterflies, which were then killed and their wings glued to the hi-tech bike. – London Evening Standard

Team RadioShack Reactions

We’re happy for another US-based squad, another sponsor in our often marginalized sport. Bonus that they’ve partnered with Livestrong and expect a strong roster.


The reaction to Team RadioShack has ranged from “awesome” to some snark and jokes on Twitter. Some are already wondering what their kits will look like and speculation who is on the squad, including George Hincapie. Quoted in the NYTimes, George said:

“I think Lance’s team is definitely good for cycling in America because Lance brings a lot to the sport and so much more interest to the sport,” said Hincapie, a popular American rider because of his longevity in the sport. “But I’m not going there. I guess, never say never, but I’m pretty happy with where I am right now. Nope, not going.”

Twitter Reactions

@jenfairfax Kits? Black and Yellow for Livestrong or Red and White for Radio Shack?

@eduvauchelle I hope the team radioshack jerseys look better than that holding web page.

@taylorphinney I love it.

@ARTCRANK I won 7 Tours de France, and all I got was this lousy sponsorship..

What do you think?

Chainrings for the Lowlands

I like an old steel race bike. This old Gios came in for some work, and the sticker on the down tube was in Dutch. We stood around wondering if the bike was from Belgium or the Netherlands. I took a look at the chainrings on the Nuovo Record cranks: a 53 tooth big ring backed up by a 48 tooth little. No doubt this bike was from the low lands…it’s gotta be Nederland.

53:48 chainrings.jpg

Electric Carbon Bike Attacks Tokyo, which covers all things related to the Japanese electronics district of Akihabra has information about a bike that we think would be a game-changer here in the states.



Carbon fiber and an electric assist motor, the Sanyo bike is under the Eneloop brand (someone should really give a translation-hand to Japanese companies) the bike, according to the article, is two-wheel drive. I’m not sure that’s accurate–I don’t see how that front hub could provide the torque to do what the rear chain drive is doing, but it does seem that the front hub provides things like traction control through a (very small) motor. There are several different riding modes all managed through a backlit LCD controller.

The lithium-ion power source and drive system looks much smaller than things we’re used to seeing, and the fact that they decided to pack this into a carbon bike is astounding.

A second bike from the company lacks the carbon construction and front wheel drive, but has the benefit of being foldable.

No word on pricing and whether the bike will be coming to the states, but this is the kind of thing that could change a lot of commutes.

Hat tip to Abio Bikes.

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