Northwest Cyclocross Expo

Bikes from Redline, Raleigh, Kona, Giant, Ridley are all available at the Northwest Cyclocross Expo tomorrow at South SeaTac Park.

This is not only a celebration of everything cyclocross, it’s an opportunity for riders to look at equipment, talk to manufacturers, and meet racers.

Our Cyclocross coverage will start in September with the first races and full coverage on the Hub. See our Cyclocross Tips page and tags for more. We’re back racing Single Speed in 10 and staying the course!

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Optigen - Supplements For Some, Penises for Others


The good folks at Swobo made me spit out my high-end sports nutrition supplement today with a posting about an ad for Optigen that features not only Team Astana’s powerful formation, but the, uh, powerful formation of one of the race fans. Click through for the decidedly NSFW image. (Well, I guess it’s safe for work if you work at a nudist colony or porn theater.)

Thanks to @danielberlinger for bringing this to my attention. (Heh, that’s a pun.)

First Impressions of Di2 - It’s Electric (Boogie Woogie)


I’m a huge fan of SRAM. That’s likely seeming like an odd way to start a review of Shimano’s electronic Di2 shift system, but I think it’s a rather important contextual point. In the last fifteen years of riding bikes I’d always had Shimano guts doing the heavy work, be it mountain bike groups (like the first XTR, which I still have) or on the road (where I’ve ridden everything from Tiagra to Dura-Ace) I started as a hard-core Shimano rider.

When SRAM’s Force group came along I was smitten. While Shimano parts had always been top-notch, there was something about SRAM’s Force that really spoke to me. The Double-Tap shifting system fit my riding style and there was a crispness to the shifting that I felt was more agile than the then-standard 7800 series Dura Ace.

By the time that 7900 came along I was already riding with SRAM Red on my bike, and participating in an unprecedented campaign to lighten my ride thanks to the lower gram count of the grouppo. I was (except when testing bikes) perfectly content to ride SRAM into the sunset.

Summer Wool T

Our Summer Merino Wool Ts are on sale now for $59.00 in limited quantities. We are selling and shipping them directly from Hugga HQ.

The Summer Wool T is best used for apres cycling and everyday wear. It’s lightweight in cooler colors for warmer weather. The T is made for us by Ibex with their best wool and looks hella hugga good in our white logo and blue. The tech specs are

  • 18.5 Micron Merino wool, 150 g/m2 (lightest weight)
  • Semi-fit, Machine washable
  • White Screen Bike Hugger Logo and made in USA.

Order Summer Wool Ts

Order directly from Hugga HQ with Paypal. When you do, bells ring, lights flash, and we all run around saying, an order came in, what do we do?!! Eventually we fill the order and high five as it goes out.

Shopping Cart

Mens Sizes

  •  Add Mens Medium, Sea Melange to cart. $59.00
  •  Add Mens Large, Sea Melange to cart. $59.00
  •  Add Mens X-Large, Sea Melange to cart. $59.00

Womens Sizing

  •  Add Womens X-Small, Ice Blue to cart. $59.00
  •  Add Womens Small, Ice Blue to cart. $59.00
  •  Add Womens Medium, Ice Blue to cart. $59.00
  •  Add Womens Large, Ice Blue to cart. $59.00


Men chest sizes:

  • Small 36-38”
  • Medium 39-41”
  • Large 42-45”
  • X-large 46-48”

Women shirt size fits:

  • Small 4-6
  • Medium 8-10”
  • Large 12-14”


The Summer Wool Ts ship from Hugga HQ via USPS Priority Mail. The first T costs $5.00 to ship and $2.00 for each additional T added to the shopping cart.


Washington Residents pay sales tax. It’s calculated upon checkout.


Does the massive awesomeness of the T have you confused? Wonder why a T would cost $59.00 (cause it’s Merino wool)? Please ask questions in the comment section below and we’ll figure it out together.

I Had a Dream


I had a dream last night and when I woke up, this was all I could think of.

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