Kona Ute with Bags

We’ve always dug the Kona Ute and like it even more with those orange bags. I could see a Plain Clothes Cyclist plan a whole outfit around the bike. Pair it with some bike to work pants, these shoes maybe, and a comfortable shirt.


Matching functionality with style doesn’t just happen. Considerable thought went into this bike. You can tell from the color palette that’s matching bags, wood plank, and seat.

The Kona Ute with bags pops on the sale floor.

Sure, the Cargonistas would complain, “but it’s not an X or have 26 inch wheels – boohoo.” Who cares, really? Straight up it’s a great, simple, stylish cargo bike. Not unlike another fav of ours the Cargo T.

Cheap City Bike

I’ve only seen these bikes in China and spotted one yesterday while running some errands on Bettie.

You see these everywhere in China with a kid on the front, another on the bike, and a pet.

Correction: that’s a Taiwan bike – made in Tainan.

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Simple Cargo: Torker Cargo T

What I like about the Torker Cargo T: is the simplicity. US customers would call this a grocery getter. Or errand bike for the Plain Clothes Cyclists.

It’s based on the Batavus Personal Bike and made for the city. Nothing much to explain. Put some groceries up front and a backpack on the back. Pull it up and onto the center stand to park it.

To ride it just pedal. Sit upright and twist the shifter. I spotted it yesterday in West Seattle.

We rode a prototype earlier this year. Cyclelicious also has been riding one.

Uploaded by Hugger Industries | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

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City planners in various cities I think wish they had the problems Portland does. So many cyclists that when the add

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