JJTweets from Velotopia

Finally met Johnathon Fitzpatrick – aka JJTweets – from Velotopia (on the right). We agreed to ride and talk more back in Seattle. I think he should write something for us.

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Beware of Ketchup Bottles

From the weird news category, a former school board trustee has been convicted of stealing a bottle of ketchup. His version of the story is that the board conspired against him by leaving it next to his bicycle.

He testified Tuesday that authorities planted the ketchup near his bicycle on the campus last year to make it look like a theft when he was actually recycling the bottle.

The only thing I ever seen next to my bike is empty bar wrappers and gel packs from litterers. This one time, I left a bra on Mark’s bike. I thought it was heeelarious. He did not.

Maybe the bottle was a plant by the Ketchup Advisory Board?

Lance Armada

Lance’s foo is still strong. I’m talking about the Lance Effect on Twitter, and more bike-related topics, today at 140 | The Twitter Conference.

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About Times Square

Reading that drivers are furious about Times Square being closed to their cars, I thought “too bad!” Sorry, change is a coming and it’s about time.


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Smaller in terms of media recognition and impact is Car Free Days in Seattle and elswhere. For me, it’s always Pike Place Market – close that to cars and we’re making progress.

Dig how they put lawn chairs on the street for people to sit and relax. I’d roll Bettie right up and start blending some drinks.

140 | The Twitter Conference: one bike

More somewhere? Is there another bike rack at the Computer History Museum? Fritz, my SoCal bike bros?

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