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In towns like Hamburg Germany workers just ride to work. There’s no pledging with your co-workers to do so, marketing campaigns to get you out of your car, or tax incentives.

That’s just what you do and probably with little thought or regard to it. Surrounded by folding bikes in Spain I realized they used them on the Subways. In the stream of traffic in Beijing, bikes have their own massive lanes. In a city of bikes like Amsterdam, bikes are the transportation grid.

The bike is just another option to get you around the city.


Photo credit: Reuters from Hamburg Germany

Reading about the end of the Hummer Nation from Dowd yesterday, this quote

now that gas prices have gone back down, almost half a million fuel-frugal small cars are piling up unsold at dealers around the country.

got me wondering how many bikes that got pulled out of storage during $4.00 gas are right back in there?

Good that Hummers are nearly gone, but those bikes … are people still riding them?

I’m as hopeful and optimistic about the future of bikes in the US, but sometimes getting yelled at on a ride or navigating congested streets in Seattle is exhausting. Just imagine what that’s like for someone who decided to trying “commuting.” Did they ever do it again?


See it’s what’s old is new in cycling – Valentino Zippicelli had some seriously deep wheels back in the day. Possibly made from wood or is that ceramic? Looks like a giant, flat clay bowl with a tire glued on it.

Wonder if Hed has Zippy’s photo up in their wind tunnel? Had the Zipper known more about Aero, I bet he’d have worn a finely-shaped watermelon on his head.

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Ciclovia is a bike-themed, car-free day. London, Paris, Mexico City, Guadalajara, New York, Miami, Portland, El Paso, Seattle, and San Francisco all have them. Clearwater, Florida has one on the 26th of this Month.

Streetfilms has covered Ciclovias since 07, including this film

Canondale Creates Lust With Urban Bike


We were hipped today to Canondale’s new RAW Cannondale, a striking update to the company’s Bad Boy line of urban bikes. C’dale partnered with the “denim brand” G-Star to create a bike with utterly sweet lines and great style.

Disc brakes, internal 8-speed hub, chain cover, no scratch surface integrated-lights–this bike just jumped to the top of my “want” list.

We’ve got a call into Cannondale to check on pricing and availability, but didn’t want to hold back the bike-lust goodness.

Damn Thieves

Bike thieves are back in the news with a post from the NYT City Room Blog. The comments are the best part with gems like

Did anyone accidentally buy my Fuji royal blue 5-speed bike with a mixte frame last year, thinking the salesperson was legit?


Try having your bike stolen from your apartment, by your neighbor!

In this photo from Beijing, I used the obstruction technique to obscure our nice, new bikes among crappy, ancient, Chinese ones. All I had was a cable lock. Did not get stolen.

Blogging Beijing by Bike: stashing bikes

Also the Kryptonite ball-pen legend still has legs.

When I’m traveling, my folding bikes go where I go and that’s everywhere. Training, racing, and touring we use the buddy system and the bikes just aren’t out of our sight.

On Bettie, I use Val’s immobilization techniques. Those include toe-strapping the front brake, disabling the motor, and cable U-locking the front wheel to the fork.

That bike weighs more than an hundred pounds and it’s gonna take at least 3 or 4 tweaking meth-heads working together to hoist her into a truck. Discussed in this post from last year.

I think until we get bike parking like Asian and European cities, this is a perennial problem.

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