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Now that’s some cargo …


Photo: EPA

Didn’t get a photo of it, but saw an even-more impressive display in Beijing. Dude was riding around with sewer pipes on his bike. That and giant bales of foam.

This one time, I carried a table. Not to be outdone, this guy in Shanghai, he can carry boxes too.

Hugga Bamboo T

Our brand new bamboo tees are available for sale and shipping from our store. We added the bamboo blend to our Hugga Comfort line for the warmer Spring and Summer temperatures.

We field tested these in Austin during our Mobile Social and they’re supa comfortable, stretchy, and breathable. They’ve also got the Hugga style.


Note that organic, bamboo and all that tech woven into it comes at a premium price. The shirts costs $35.00 for men and $32.00 for women. We’re mindful of the economy and think the comfort and eco-friendly materials are worth the price. Just like wool.


Note that we’ve got limited quantities in these and for our wool fans, working now with Ibex to restock those.

Check the Bike Hugger Shirts page for all the details.

Half Links

Spotted on Flickr.

Uploaded by David Ribas | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Cycling with Allergies

It’s that time of year again, when the pollen counts are high and I’m feeling it along with my fellow allergy sufferers. A struggle I’ve had for years, is how to perform with allergies on the bike. Now I just don’t. When I feel it the most, I just ride tempo, base, and relax. For those of us that race, there’s no gain if you can’t go hard.

When the trees are done doing their thing and the air clears, I’m back kitted up with numbers and turning the pedals fast. For commuters, tourists, and the plain-clothes cylists, various treatments can help keep you on the bike and riding.

Pollen Map of Doom


Various Treatments

  • Flush with saline – Mix baking soda 2 to 1 with salt and flush that through your nose and throat. Use one of those baby de-snotter things, if you’re really congested, or a netti pot.

  • Shower frequently – besides the normal bath, I’ll rinse off before and after a ride to wash the pollen off my body

  • Drugs – Those that don’t have allergies think you can just take a pill and be all better, up there pushing the pace. Well, no you can’t. Drugs have side-effects and just dampen the worst symptoms. For me it’s asthma. I take a combination of Nasonex, Astelin, Foradil, and Albuterol.

  • Sleep – I nap, sleep, and rest more at the height of allergy season. I want to give me immunity system all the advantages.

  • Vitamins – A multi daily and vitamin C, along with D for the Seattle area, where we’re sun deprived.

  • Herbs – I’d like to think they help, maybe a placebo effect. Don’t know, but there’s nothing really I found that makes a difference.

  • Acupuncture – when it’s as bad as it gets, I visit my acupuncturist. What I’ve found is that my body is so heightened to contaminants in the air, that anything will set it off. Like, a passing whiff of perfume, cigarette smoke, diesel and so on. The acupuncturist just calms me down and those moments on the table I can try to breath deep and chill.

  • Breathing – over the years, I’ve adapted to breathing excercises and breathing deep on the bike. In the pack, cyclists next to me probably think I’m sighing or doing some weird thing. But it’s just trying to calm down and breathe as deep as I can.

Someday Maybe Soon

In towns like Hamburg Germany workers just ride to work. There’s no pledging with your co-workers to do so, marketing campaigns to get you out of your car, or tax incentives.

That’s just what you do and probably with little thought or regard to it. Surrounded by folding bikes in Spain I realized they used them on the Subways. In the stream of traffic in Beijing, bikes have their own massive lanes. In a city of bikes like Amsterdam, bikes are the transportation grid.

The bike is just another option to get you around the city.


Photo credit: Reuters from Hamburg Germany

Reading about the end of the Hummer Nation from Dowd yesterday, this quote

now that gas prices have gone back down, almost half a million fuel-frugal small cars are piling up unsold at dealers around the country.

got me wondering how many bikes that got pulled out of storage during $4.00 gas are right back in there?

Good that Hummers are nearly gone, but those bikes … are people still riding them?

I’m as hopeful and optimistic about the future of bikes in the US, but sometimes getting yelled at on a ride or navigating congested streets in Seattle is exhausting. Just imagine what that’s like for someone who decided to trying “commuting.” Did they ever do it again?

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