Riding Bamboo - Nature’s Bicycle Material

In my years of riding bikes I’ve piloted my share of exotic frame materials, from aluminum to titanium, 853 to carbon fiber–but easily the most interesting of the bikes I’ve ever owned was grown, not machined.

I’d already ridden a Calfee Dragonfly for years when I made the mistake of asking Craig Calfee on a whim if he had any of his bamboo frames in my size. I’d loved the bamboo bike since I first saw it in his California workshop but at the time I had been fantasizing about creating a bike with a set of parts I was removing from another bike.

Not only did Craig have a frame in my size but he had one that had just come back from a dealer where it was built as a show bike–Calfee was changing the lug design of the bamboo bikes from carbon to hemp and the carbon-wrapped frames were coming back to Calfee. He’d just gotten back one in my size and the older design translated into a discount on the frame and fork combo. Even better for me, I prefer the carbon-wrapped lugs to the new hemp ones.

PRO Disc Rain Bike


(Photo Credit - Levi Leipheimer)

I’m guessing $12k for a custom carbon disc brake rain bike, SRM, and SRAM RED?

If you win the Amgen Tour of California, you probably get a bro-deal. Similar setup to my Baron rain bike, but Levi’s is 18lb, and mine is 22;b.

You find cool stuff on Twitter eh?

Rollick Amber Lager

Pyramid’s Spring seasonal is a mountain-bike inspired amber lager and it’s a MTB straight outta the 80s.

Uploaded by Hugger Industries | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Lock Fail

I had this same problem once with a bollard and thought, “maybe that’ll trick a crackhead.” To avoid a fail, I then U-locked the front wheel, unplugged the Stokemonkey, and toe-strapped the front brake. If the cable-around-the-bollard trick didn’t fool the crackhead, he’d surely not get far with the front brake on.


Sometimes I’ll also just pull right into a parking slot, and immobilize the bike, as noted above.

What are your locking techniques for a cargo bike? I know Val figures that his Dreadnaught is so intimidating few would consider stealing it and if they do, it isn’t going far with the brakes locked.

Hat tip to jacobawhite

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