Robo Bob at the Bar

A photo from the 2008 Mobile Social in Portland. Robo Bob is Crumpler’s bagbot and he occupied that spot on the bar for most of the evening.

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ROAD Magazine Online

road mag.JPG

I’m a big fan of ROAD Magazine. Their articles are more US-focused in a sport where all the other good rags are UK based. They get interviews with guys I want to read about - it’s not like Bicycling where there’s Lance…and then everybody else. They have one of the most prolific bike-related twitter’ers in Neil Browne who is always good for the latest insight. Road Magazine has an awesome new concept - the whole magazine online. I was looking through the most recent copy and check it out: Bikehugger Green at the USA Crit finals!

Great magazine, new distribution model, and apparently it even looks good on an iPhone for all you Apple fan-boy’s.

Huggacast 97: Mellow Johnny’s After Party

After the Urban Ride, BBQ, and scwhag-a-thon, we partied at Mellow Johnnys to conclude the Mobile Social SXSW. As the dance floor heated up, the shirts came off.


Note the video is borderline NSFW with grinding, shirtless fixie kids.

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“Electronic Dura-Ace” Pricing As Deterrent


Shimano’s electronic road group Di2 (or “Electronic Dura Ace” as some are calling it) has been lauded by many as being one of the most significant developments in bike drivetrain development since the derailleur. Even many detractors who feel that the group simply complicates a mechanical arrangement that’s been slowly perfected for the better part of the century recognize the craftsmanship that goes into creating a new and complex mechanism like the self-centering auto-trimming motors that drive the system.

Luckily, Di2 has an incredibly affordable price with the suggested retail on the complete group only around $5500. Wait, is this right? That must be a typo. I’m going to just make a call and be right back.

Mobile Social Webvisions Portland 2009

webvisions_robot.jpg Bike Hugger is bringing the Mobile Social back to Portland Oregon and exploring the future of the web at Webvisions 2009.

We’ll urban ride, party at a local pub, and put the “blog” in blogtastic at the conference.

Of course that means we’ll have schwag and giveaways as well.

We’re also hanging out in a Hugga Booth at the conference expo with special guests and events planned.

I’m talking about Being Interesting and doing epic shit.


Check the Mobile Social Webvisions page for the details.

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